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Poole, United Kingdom

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PixieMe acts as a social hub that merges virtual and physical communities, so that independent businesses and locals can connect with each other to help create healthy, sustainable & prosperous communities.

Pixie Organisation


Our vision is to create real prosperity in our communities, at home here in the UK and on a global scale. 


We believe that true prosperity is the measure of knowledge, creativity, relationships, health, happiness and not just material or financial growth. We believe that an understanding & embracing of good old hard work, entrepreneurism and above all a sense of belonging in our communities is the fundamental requirement for true prosperity.

Pixie believes in challenging the status quo by empowering communities with knowledge, ownership, culture & creativity. In doing this we decentralise power and create resilient local economies that are inter-connected and create an understanding that real prosperity comes through community and not through individualism, greed or domination.

We believe through business, we can have a greater positive impact on the world and help to bring about a change in how we fundamentally choose to interact with each other and nature. 


By measuring success by what really matters. 

Our businesses need to be profitable but the Pixie family operate within our commonwealth promise and what we call call our “virtuous cycle” where revenues are shared amongst our different businesses, schemes and charities to ensure absolute success of our vision, the ultimate measurement of our success.

By increasing opportunities

With more opportunities the better off we all are. By increasing equality through opportunities we can help address social divide, loss of good ideas, unhappiness and the eventual demise of economies through the everyman for himself way of thinking.

By increasing ownership

Ownership of local businesses, homes and of course our communities, brings a greater sense of pride, meaning and purpose.

By embracing diversity

By bringing together different communities we help to bridge the gap in cultures and ensure we can celebrate diversity to increase resilience, innovation, peace and happiness.

By connecting with nature

Without our planet and all it’s inhabitants we wouldn’t be able to survive. A balance and respect of all things need to become part of our lives so we can continue to enjoy the rich diversity of the natural world.

Last but by no means least...........YOU!

Without you none of this is possible. So whether you’re currently an unemployed a cleaner, director, school teacher, waiter, waitress, entrepreneur, business owner, if you’re reading this then you’re already on your way in helping to make a change. 

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PixieMe (our first adventure)

“Community is not any one thing, but rather the many small interactions that occur in our everyday lives” 

Vision for PixieMe

Our vision is to create a social hub that merges virtual and physical communities, so that independent businesses and locals can connect with each other to help create healthy, fun, sustainable and prosperous communities.

What we do 

We allow you to discover independent businesses in your local area, receive great offers and get rewarded for your loyalty along the way!

You can interact with people, place reviews, see what’s going on in your area with a local events calendar and community notice board. And if you want to visit another village, town or city, you can quickly find independent businesses and see what’s going on there too.

Our aims:

• Increase local sustainability and pride in our communities

• Retain more money in local economies through independent businesses

• Educate people about the benefits of community life

• Increase connections between people and independent businesses

• Support local communities through our charity and schemes

How we are doing this:

Social: A network that connects you with your community and its businesses activities.

Offers: Find great offers and deals on products and services that you won’t find anywhere else. 

Loyalty: We have created a unique loyalty scheme that rewards you for interacting with your community and businesses whilst returning even more money back into your local economy. 

Reviews: Have a say about your experiences with local businesses and see what other people thought of the places you want to try. 

Events: A calendar where you get see what events are coming up in your area and who’s going.

PixiePlanet: Our charity specializing in culture, sports, nature, and creativity within communities.

Future: We aim to rebuild and strengthen communities from the grassroots and we have many exciting plans in the pipeline to help us accomplish our goal. What we can give away at this stage is that we working hard on providing a payment system that will be entirely independent from any banks, and will once again help return more money back into your local economy. 

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