as snackers, we faced a dilemma – we craved delicious, but knew we should choose healthier. what we were looking for just didn’t existing in the snack aisle. so we went to work. and after a lot of research (snacking), we found a way to pop a chip that had all the flavour and less of the fat and other stuff that gives snacking a bad name. and that’s how we discovered the magic of popping a chip. we were so excited about popchips, we couldn't keep them to ourselves. so we shared with our fellow snackers, and popchips quickly became one of the fastest growing snack brands in america. apparently the word (and bag) got out in the u.k. and now we’re here working with some of the best retailers and spreading the popchips love.


london, United Kingdom

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16 Dec 2011

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Food & Drink
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Exciting Brand
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field marketing manager

this is your chance to join the popchips revolution. spearhead our company's uk launch.

Applicants are required to hold the relevant Visas/Work Permits

Location: london, United Kingdom

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Exciting Brand
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