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The PROGRESS WAY improves the performance of public service organisations through genuine employee and user engagement. It works by collecting data on organisational culture from stakeholders and u...


London, United Kingdom

18 Nov 2013

Opportunity has expired


Join a committed group setting up a new organisation to ensure schools, hospitals and other organisations put people before metrics.

London, United Kingdom

Applicants are required to hold the relevant Visas/Work Permits

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Senior Level
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Social Impact
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A small group of people have come together to set up a stand-alone charity to develop the use of The PROGRESS W@Y in education, health, social care and criminal justice. We are now looking for new trustees who can bring the range of skills and experience we need, together with good networks of contacts. 

PROGRESS is a diagnostic tool and process for finding out how staff, students and parents experience an organisation's learning environment and how they think it can become even better.

There are five stages to PROGRESS:

1. Familiarise and identify

We use the PROGRESS Diagnostic to find out how the quality of people’s experience impacts on teaching and learning

2. Understand and interpret

We design a tailored follow-on survey to deepen our understanding of what is happening in the school

3. Create and develop

We work with staff and students to generate creative ideas for making the learning environment even better, and to shape these ideas into coherent strategies that will have buy-in from across the school community.

4. Implement and integrate

We work out how the strategy can be implemented successfully and grow stronger through time.

5. Review and reappraise

We monitor implementation of the strategy and introduce refinements to enhance impact

About the role

Use your skill and influence to make a big difference. Join a group of committed people setting up a new charity to ensure public service organisations focus on people rather than metrics.

We are looking for people with skills in fundraising, marketing, sales, communication and network building to help us build an organisation that can bring about change across public services.

We want to create a powerful and cohesive board that can provide the executive team with challenge and support while helping to shape an effective strategy for achieving our goals.  

The PROGRESS process works by collecting data on organisational culture from stakeholders and using this data to tap the intelligence and creativity of those who work in an organisation or with it. 

Our experience shows that The PROGRESS W@Y enables organisations to keep their eye on the human beings whose interests they are there to serve and resist the pressures caused by a focus on particular sorts of quantitative targets. 

We also think there is a prospective international dimension to this work: there is interest in using PROGRESS from schools in Finland, Romania, Portugal and Australia.

We're working on a plan for the organisation now and will have our first get-together in early January. We will then work out how each of us can contribute to making PROGRESS fly. 

Please come and join us! We look forward to hearing from you.
This opportunity has expired
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