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PT Ski Ltd

PT Ski Ltd

PT Ski Ltd

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PT Ski Ltd

South West London, United Kingdom

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PT Ski is a small, award winning travel company, who arrange bespoke holidays to Klosters in Switzerland.

Why are we exciting?

We are passionate about skiing and mountains, and we love to inspire that in our guests and those who work for us. 

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What is our culture like?

We are a small, friendly team where everybody does everything.  We are all very relaxed, but we all work hard too.  The team in resort is made up of anything from 2 to 14 people depending on the time of year, and they are a diverse and fun group.

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About us

We love Klosters and want everyone to see what it is about Klosters that we are so passionate about.

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What can we offer Escapees?

Almost all our staff go to Switzerland so they can understand what it is that makes it so special.

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