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Rainbow Voluntours

Rainbow Voluntours

Rainbow Voluntours

Rainbow VolunTours is a young social enterprise who is committed to providing genuine volunteering opportunities along with bespoke travel experiences in India,

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Rainbow Voluntours

All, India

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Why are we exciting?

Rainbow VolunTours is a young social enterprise who is committed to providing genuine volunteering opportunities along with bespoke travel experiences in India,

We think of travel, not as a break from life, but as life itself. Gone are the days when people simply visit places and look in from the outside through tourist activities. Travellers are becoming explorers, people are looking to do more and seeking a true local experience.

At Rainbow we provide an authentic experience of India by immersing individuals into local cultures and exposing travellers to the different challenges and possibilities that India brings. We firmly believe that meaningful volunteering in communities is the best way to truly engage and interact with people and places. We parner with poorly managed schools, local NGOs, and grass root organisations that work with children, women, tribals and communities that need help.

Through this experience one can not only learn about local people who lead very different lives, but also contribute to our partner communities and go home feeling inspired and fulfilled.

We simply love India! Our trips are designed to highlight diversity and contrasts in the people, landscape, religion, history, and culture that will make you fall in love with India too. In spite of becoming the world's largest democracy, poverty remains a harsh reality of life for around a quarter of India's inhabitants. No other nation in the world has slum settlements on the scale of those in Delhi, Mumbai and Kolkata, nor so many malnourished children, uneducated women and homes without access to clean water and waste disposal. Our community programs focus on these social issues and we provide sustainable solutions to these challenges
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Our values

For the community we want to build on sustainable projects that will benefit in the long term. We want to empower people from vulnerable backgrounds by developing skills and at the same time sensitising the community through active volunteering. Some of the guiding principles that determines the way we work include:
  • Being Responsible: All our prorams are in the lines of responsible tourism and we are dedicated to providing experiences that benefit people and the environment around us.
  • Opportunities: Whether it is our local partners or our local staff we want to make sure they benefit from the work we do and enable them to reach their full potential.
  • Authenticity: We keep everything we do localised, and authentic so one gets a real experience of India
  • Sustainable partnerships- We build sustainable working relationships with all our local partners. We believe in mutual and lasting solutions based upon shared risks and responsibilities.
  • Creativity- We strive to develop innovative and mutually beneficial ways to help locals as well as our participants Safety first: We always ensure the education of health and safety standards to all our participants and partners.

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