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Reality Tours and Travel

Reality Tours and Travel

Reality Tours and Travel

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Reality Tours and Travel

Mumbai, India

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Reality Tours and Travel (RTT) is one half of a dynamic social enterprise that aims at raising awareness and resources to address social issues facing disadvantaged communities. 80% of the profits from our tours go to support the social work undertaken by our sister organisation Reality Gives-- an NGO which runs and supports educational and other projects to improve the lives of our communities.

The organisation is most well known for its award-winning responsible tours of Mumbai’s Dharavi slum - a 2.5-hour walk highlighting the small-scale industries and community spirit in its residential areas and dispelling myths about the realities of urban slum life. In recent years the company has seen expansion to provide numerous other city tours not only in Mumbai but also in Delhi where an office was established in 2014. Three years ago we launched our multi-day Rajasthan and Kerala tours and we intend to grow our tours throughout India further these next few years.

About us

Reality Tours & Travel, a tour operator based in Mumbai, India, was founded in 2005 with two main objectives: to break down the negative attitudes that many people have towards people from the less developed communities AND to play a crucial role in achieving real social change in these areas by putting money back into the less developed communities. 

Today, Reality Tours  & Travel offers a variety of cities in Mumbai and beyond, but they are all united by one simple aim: showing visitors places in that might be difficult to see/experience/visit on their own, and in doing so, allowing them to gain a full understanding of the city-- an understanding that includes becoming aware of some social issues that exist in Mumbai/India, while also celebrating some of the fantastic, amazing sights, experiences, food, and people that this city and country have to offer. 

Importantly, from the beginning and still to this day, 80% of the profits from all of our tours (including new multi-day tours to Rajasthan and Kerala), fund the work of Reality Gives, our sister NGO, which runs and supports a variety of projects in Dharavi and beyond.
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