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Red Squirrel Wine

Red Squirrel Wine

Red Squirrel Wine

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Red Squirrel Wine

London, United Kingdom

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Red Squirrel Wine is the UK's native and alternative grape specialist, a wine importer, distributor and online retailer operating in west London. We love native grape varieties, wacky regions and delicious design. In a nutshell, our wines are red squirrels, never grey squirrels.

About us

Red Squirrel Wine was founded in July 2012 as a nimble online wine merchant specialising in out-of-the-ordinary wines from all the world's nooks & crannies. Our wines come from far and wide: from Germany to Georgia, Patagonia to Liguria, Brazil to Bierzo (where Spain's brown bears live). They're rare, quirky, very stylish and above all they're red squirrels, not grey squirrels.

We have travelled, we have tasted, we built our own website, we've run amazing events (many more of those to come), supplied, we even tried to make wine down a cobblestoned street in Richmond - but above all we've been selling thousands of bottles of brilliant wine and having a huge amount of fun doing it.

From November 2013, we'll be based at the Barley Mow Centre in Chiswick - slightly fewer than 6,000 yards away (or 270 cricket pitches) from our humble origins in Richmond.

Red Squirrel Wine is still a tiny company, but with the biggest of ambitions: to be Britain's best retailer & importer of out-of-the-ordinary wines.

Be different, don't drink alike!
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Why are we exciting?

We don't follow the rules. We seek the sort of wines that some might think "uncommercial". Above all, we're making drinking new and different wines from around the world fun, accessible and convenient.

Choice can muddle the mind, particularly when it's a wall of supermarket wine shelves. So our bread-and-butter service is a convenient and seasonal monthly box packed full of out-of-the-ordinary wines that look as good as they taste and taste as good as they look.

  • As a champion of new regions, forgotten regions, native grape varieties and crazy experiments (Kiwi Sauvignon Blanc made in Germany anyone?), Red Squirrel Wine is at the cutting edge of the wine trade
  • What's more, like a genuine plucky red squirrel, we are small and nimble enough to move swiftly and grab opportunities like crazy new wines and trends
  • The UK wine trade is what you might call a relatively mature market: but online sales are fast evolving - it's a cut-and-thrust, ever-changing and exciting environment

Oh, and we drink wine for a living.
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Why red squirrels?

We discovered that high quality wines made from native grape varieties in less well-known regions (particularly central and eastern Europe) were being displaced (often vines literally ripped up) by wines made from ‘international’ grape varieties (i.e. Chardonnay, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Sauvignon Blanc) in order to meet consumer tastes in developed markets determined by supermarkets and large alcohol retailers.  This sad phenomenon was likened to the way that grey squirrels have displaced native red squirrels from much of the British Isles – and so the concept of Red Squirrel Wine was born.

At the same time there is a burgeoning interest in the UK in wines from new or forgotten regions and in particular grape diversity – thanks to modern classification and a global trend for mono-varietal wines (driven ironically enough by marketing-savvy New World winemakers with their ‘international’ grapes).

So we're standing up for the plucky little wines on the verge of extinction. The rarities. The square pegs in round holes. The red squirrels.

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