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Responsible 100

Responsible 100

Responsible 100

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Responsible 100

London, United Kingdom

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Identifying and supporting responsible businesses

About us

Profit Through Ethics Ltd is the London-based, social business behind Responsible 100. Responsible 100 is a management tool, a business ranking, a public internet platform, an identification mark and a growing social movement. It simultaneously:

  • enables businesses to balance their pursuit of profit with the interests of society; and
  • empowers people – consumers, employees, neighbours, suppliers – to identify and support such businesses.

Our values

Openness. Honesty. Accountability. Fairness. Innovation. Contribution.

Why are we exciting?

A better world requires the best from business. If responsible and sustainable companies are to win out against less scrupulous competitors, everyone needs to be able to identify and support them. 

This is where Responsible 100 helps. It differentiates businesses working to improve their responsibility performance while delivering the goods and services we all need.

We are working with an amazing array of businesses - large and small - and leading NGOs and campaign groups too. Responsible 100 is a unique collaboration and a social movement. Our shared goal is to stimulate a "race to the top" in business, i.e. conditions where businesses compete on the ambition and impact of their social and environmental innovations as well as on the price and quality of their products and services.
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