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Right to Dream

Right to Dream

Right to Dream

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Right to Dream

Akosombo, Ghana

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Right to Dream is a registered charity in Ghana, the UK and US. Our mission is ‘to offer talented, underprivileged children the opportunity to reach their true potential in life and claim a better future for Africa’.

About us

Right to Dream represents the ultimate ‘Escape the City’ story. Tom Vernon left the UK aged 19, and upon arriving in Ghana was inspired by the opportunity to make a difference to underprivileged children.

Over 13 years, Tom has developed a Academy programme that combines sport, education and personal and leadership development which offers underprivileged children the chance to achieve their true potential in life. This innovative project has the potential to change the face of development in Ghana and is significantly impacting upon communities around the world where our graduates continue pursuing their dreams. 

‘Escapees’ have played a very important role in supporting the development of Right to Dream. Over the years, we have appointed volunteers and full-time employees from different sectors, including business, sport, politics and development, who sought to escape and do something different. They have been instrumental in building the project and Escape the City has player a crucial part in the recruitment of staff for Right to Dream.

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Why are we exciting?

We provide young, underprivileged talent with an opportunity to reach their true potential. Through our elite training programmes, international education, personal development and leadership philosophy we nurture the exceptional into future role models for Africa.
RtD is an innovative organisation who dream big and of doing something different. We have a unique Academy model operating in Ghana with new programmes that offer more talented, but underprivileged children the opportunity to reach their true potential in life and claim a better future for Africa. Our new programmes in girls football and Parasports, are the first of their kind anywhere in the world. 

Watch our 2 videos on our Paralympic and Girls' programs.
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What can we offer Escapees?

RtD regularly recruits escapees as professional volunteers to contribute to the ongoing development of our Academy in Ghana. Previous positions include; Teachers, Development Managers and Digital Media Officers. We will post new opportunities here as they arise in the future but we always want to hear from interesting people that believe they have something unique to offer to the ongoing development of our organisation. Please feel free to send an email to with your details.

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Our values

At Right to Dream we operate with a can do attitude. The impossible is always possible.

We strongly believe it’s time for a change in Africa – we need new examples of leadership and excellent role models to lead successful development. We know that underprivileged talent, when nurtured properly, will make a massive contribution to positive development in Africa.

Right to Dream is about creating opportunities and celebrating the success of talented people when they excel at the opportunity they've been given. 
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