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Rurban Co.

Rurban Co.

Rurban Co.

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Rurban Co.

Los Angeles, United States

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Rurban is a design and technology company striving to make global communities more dynamic, innovative, and profitable. Our team is currently focused on the Rurban Data Studio, the world's first crowdfunded data center and incubator for developing countries.


Designed by the Rurban founder, the Data Studio is more than a grey box, it is a complete disruption of the way buildings are typically built.  

Drawing inspiration from Wikihouse and the goal of opening up development to the 99%, we are in the process of designing a modern structure that utilizes the latest in 3D printing and CNC router technology. When the design is complete, communities around the world will literally be able to cut a Rurban Data Studio from metal sheets and assemble it with minimal tools.

Why are we exciting?

The Rurban Data Studio is designed for emerging markets all over the globe. We need entrepreneurial people like you to help get these facilities off the ground.

A regular day might include:
  • Teaching a farmer in Myanmar to use mobile apps for weather data
  • Helping kids in Vietnam learn about coding
  • Mentor college entrepreneurs in Malaysia working on their new app 
  • Managing IT infrastructure in the mountains of Mongolia
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