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Six Dinners Later

Six Dinners Later

Six Dinners Later

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Six Dinners Later

London, United Kingdom

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Six Dinners Later is a face-to-face social network and dining club that drives people offline into dinner parties in people homes. It's a new way to meet new people. It challenges the way we build new relationships, whatever your drivers: business, making new friends, dating, relocating. After a round of six dinners you will have met 25 new people, have a few tales to tell & gained a few friends!

About Us

Well, we’re two women that are mad about food and even madder about friendship - we both eat a lot and talk even more! It's crucial to our sense of wellbeing  - we simply love it and that’s why we wanted to share it. 

Pssst! We're driving an offline revolution -  and yes, we note the irony in our method.

Our Mission

Our premise is simple - friendship is fundamental to our society and wellbeing, but in a time poor and increasingly virtual world, it is becoming a lost art. The same can be said for the art of conversation, a crucial tool when trying to gain authentic access to people. However, for many people, interacting with new people, professionally and personally, can be either an overwhelming and/or disappointing experience. Yet, we need to do to it to grow, to regenerate and to find new people and things of interest so that we expand ourselves. So why not carve out time to do this in a fun, less pressurised way?

Our Values

We believe investing time in others is of great benefit to ourselves, even though it’s not always something that is instantly gratifying. In fact, we’ve probably all found at one time or another, that instantly gratifying relationships, whilst fun at first can often be short lived.

So we got to thinking... If you want the best out of people, you have to put the time in, hence the longevity of our journey. Getting to know people and building strong relationships takes time and effort and our user experience aims to encapsulate these principles over a round of six dinners. Not everybody has the time nor wants to make the effort. In which case this may not be for you. We do hope that as that changes, people in this camp will visit us again when they’re ready. 

For those ready now, a final word...

Here's Why We're Exciting

If you approach the process  (we'd go as far as to call it an adventure) with a sense of commitment (necessary to attend the six dinners in  the timeframe you choose) and reciprocity (a willingness to give back by hosting one of those six dinners yourself) it’s an unbelievably satisfying, surprising and fun experience.  

It's literally and metaphorically opening doors for our members in very relevant ways.  Be open and you won’t be disappointed.

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