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Sonas World

Sonas World

Sonas World

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Sonas World


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Sonas is a social business focused on enpowering women & adolescents in developing countries.

Why are we exciting?

At Sonas, we believe that if we choose to take the actions that bring happiness and abundance to all, can have a ripple effect to create sustainable communities around the world. We have realised that everyone has the potential to share happiness by giving......we simply live by this motto!
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About us

Sonas is a social business focused on business support and mentoring small entrepreneurs in developing countries. It is our mission to promote progress by financial inclusion and encouraging social development in disadvantaged communities around the world. We want to empower capable individuals and encourage sustainable communities in order to create a more abundant world. We believe that this will contribute to happier people, communities and overall a happier world. 
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What can we offer Escapees?

We would love to share our personal experience of how our lives were transformed when we got involved with the less privileged communities around the world. it changed our perspective on the purpose of living a fulfilled life. It is our vision to take as many people on this journey as possible and inspire each other to become a global citizen.
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