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Exeter, United Kingdom

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Sparx is developing a revolutionary new technology for the classroom that is redefining the limits of what young people can achieve. Our platform for Maths uses custom built content and a powerful, data-driven mobile framework to deliver a tailored set of exercises, games and incentives to the student.

About us

At Sparx we’re working on the first scientific study of – and solution to – how technology can be created and adapted to optimise learning. We’re an exciting start-up that is building an extensible, data-driven, mobile framework to power a revolution in the classroom. One that will raise educational attainment and redefine people’s futures.

The Sparx system is tablet-based software for students and teachers. It builds an understanding of the exact nature of an individual’s knowledge and the unique way in which they learn, delivering a personalised educational experience as a result. We’re using the power of big data, technology and educational insight on a daily basis to make this experience the best it can be.
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Why are we exciting?

We believe that we are at the start of a revolution that is going to redefine education as we know it - and you can be part of it! We're doing something that's never been done before and everyone involved is directly shaping what Sparx becomes.

Things move really fast here which definitely keeps you on your toes. We're continually exploring new methods and ideas, so what Sparx is evolves on a daily basis! We work on a 'fail fast' approach, rapidly prototyping, testing and tackling new challenges every day.

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Life at Sparx

We love life at Sparx. Yes, we all take what we do very seriously, but we believe you can, and should, have fun taking things seriously.

We've got a great set up in the office itself, with a pool table, table tennis table, free café and essentially a full-on sports centre. So whether you fancy some Pilates in the morning, a run at lunch or just some time out, it's all right there (for free!).

On top of that, we’re only a stone’s throw from Dartmoor and the beach. As you'd expect with such beautiful countryside and scenery in reach, regular team picnics are quite a thing (our friends at the Met Office sort out the weather, don’t worry). There's also plenty of space and inspiration to do the things you love.

The team are a great bunch too. There's plenty going on, whether that's a simple trip down the pub or entering (and winning!) local competitions.

Of course, it goes without saying that you get generous work perks as standard - great pay, substantial holiday leave and the chance to join our share scheme and company pension once you’ve completed your probationary period.

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