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London, United Kingdom

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SPOKE is an online menswear startup, delivering fashion that really fits

What We Do

SPOKE is a menswear brand built for the internet.

Men are moving their clothes shopping online. The offline shopping experience is miserable and loathed. We’re building something better.

But we’re more than slick a website. The internet is more than just a channel. It’s an opportunity to make a better product - and we deliver that product:

  • Better Fit - we carry a ‘longer tail’ of sizes, in a centralised inventory.
  • Better Quality - if your clothes don’t carry the cost of retail palaces and commissioned sales staff, they can be made to a higher standard 
  • Better Range - we don’t have retail spaces to decorate. Our range is narrow, relevant, and easy to navigate

For now we make trousers. Great trousers. But we have bigger dreams.

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How We Do It

To offer a better product, at a better price, we follow a few key principles:

  • We edit ruthlessly - we release small micro-collections, one category at a time - not sprawling 250-piece monsters
  • We crowdsource design - our first runs are short, and we create waiting lists; we only scale up production when we have proven demand
  • Our inventory is centralised and flexible - our clothes are often made or finished to order
  • We use the same factories, and the same materials as storied luxury brands
  • We sell exclusively through our own online store, cutting out the retail overhead and the middlemen.
  • We make delivery and returns frictionless and free
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What can we offer Escapees?

SPOKE offers new team members the perfect startup experience.

If you are excited by the idea of building something, if that's what gets you out of bed in the morning, then this is the moment to join SPOKE: late enough that we have the wheels turning, and we're funded; early enough that you will be able to see your impact every day and you'll be transparently accountable for everything we achieve.
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