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Stack Exchange

Stack Exchange

Stack Exchange is a growing network of individual communities, each dedicated to serving experts in a specific field. We build libraries of high-quality questions and answers, focused on each community's area of expertise. Stack Overflow is the largest programming site on the Internet, where millions of programmers from around the world ask and answer highly technical programming questions.

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Stack Exchange

London, United Kingdom

Why are we exciting?

At face value, we’re just a smart group of people who are trying to make the Internet a better place, but deep down, we’re a bit more complicated. We’re a mixed bag of programmers, designers, salespeople, product managers, and community builders. We’re all encouraged to contribute toward our company mission, to make the internet a better place—and unlike companies you may be used to, we actually let our employees do what they’re best at. At Stack Exchange, we attract go-getters who are just starting out in their careers just as much as we welcome seasoned pros who know they have more to offer than corporate society would allow.

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