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Street Child

Street Child

Street Child

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Street Child

London, United Kingdom

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Our goal is to help create opportunities through education for some of the most vulnerable children in the world. We work directly with street children in their own environment towards reunification with their families, reintroduction to education & the creation of a sustainable home-life for their ongoing upbringing. From 2010 to 2012 we helped more than 10,000 children gain access to education.

About us

Street Child's aim is to create educational opportunities for some of the world’s most vulnerable children. We began our work in 2008 in Sierra Leone working with a small number of street children, nine years later we have helped to transform the lives of more than 50,000 children across Sierra Leone, Liberia and Nepal. In 2017 we launched our first project in Nigeria helping children impacted by conflict in the North East of the country.

We also organise the Sierra Leone Marathon bringing in hundreds of local and international runners and offering a platform for thousands of local athletes - including the President of Sierra Leone himself!

Sierra Leone remains one of the poorest countries in the world. Our research indicates that there are around 50,000 children relying upon the streets of Sierra Leone for their survival. During the Ebola crisis, Street Child supported close to 18,500 orphans with humanitarian aid and rehoming support. By empowering children by giving them the chance to go to school – and giving their families the wherewithal to keep them there – Street Child is one of the most impactful charities working in the region today.

Our vision for Liberia is: a Liberia where all children have the opportunity to access an excellent education that enables them to fulfill their potential and contribute to the progress of the nation. In September Street Child launched its Flagship Academies, operating schools across three counties under the Government of Liberia’s Partnership Schools program. The long-term vision for Flagship Academies is to create a network of schools that deliver quality education via Liberian teachers in a way in which it is accessible for all children regardless of their background or abilities.

Street Child of Nepal has been working with UNICEF and partner organisations to support the humanitarian relief effort in the earthquake affected areas of Nepal and is now exploring avenues for further impact. Our work in Nepal targets those communities that are isolated from mainstream society and so recieve little community support. As a result, access to education is particularly poor for these children and opportunities are lacking. 

In Sri Lanka Street Child is just beginning to establish itself. Whilst now ranked as a middle-income country by the World Bank and classed by the United Nations Development Programme as a “high” bracket country within its Human Development Index, Sri Lanka faces very specific challenges when it comes to providing quality education to all sections of its population, with significant disparities found in educational access and attainment across the country’s regions.


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Why are we exciting?

Because we are flexible, innovative and challenging. We make a massive difference on an international scale and make the pennies go further to help as many children as possible. 
We have an infinite number of international volunteering opportunities just waiting for the right people. We use forward thinking to raise funds in ways that haven't been done before. Street Child listens to feedback and absorbs everything we can from our supporters and volunteers in order to go that extra mile. If you've got an idea to help us further our reach, raise more funds and shout louder about the work that we do, then we have a place for you. 

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What can we offer Escapees?

Street Child is unique in every way and we recognise that you are too. This is in no way a tour or a fluffy hand-holding trip to visit Africa, this is real life for the people of West Africa, Nepal and Sri Lanka.

The Street Child Volunteer Programme offers volunteers the chance to fully experience life working with of one of the UK’s most dynamic, fast growing and inspirational overseas development charities.


Street Child’s volunteers help change the lives of some of the most vulnerable children in the world whilst in pursuit of their own life-changing experience: an experience among the untouched beauty and infectious optimism of the people we work with.  

We can offer a real adventure experience where things can change very quickly, you will sweat... (a lot!) and you will make the most extraordinary memories, not only for yourself but for the kids and communities you will work with. 

If you have an innovative idea to raise funds in-country or from afar, then we can help you to make it happen. 

There is a huge diversity of roles available on our Volunteer Programme and great care will be taken to match your skills and interests with a role that can make the greatest mutual impact. 

Whether you are assisting our social workers, organising games and sports with the street children, assisting with school building in some of the most rural parts of the world, or helping to gather valuable information for our team, our volunteer program will ensure that you will be able to make a real difference where it really is needed most. We believe that a good  relationship between the volunteer and the team will create a mutually beneficial partnership were we can all learn from each other to deliver the projects to the best of our ability. 

Make a life-changing dream a reality, for you and for them. 
Come and join our team!

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Not to mention.... we have great fun!!

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