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Survival Wisdom

Survival Wisdom

Survival Wisdom

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Survival Wisdom


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Survival Wisdom: an innovative approach to specialist survival training, developed by a unique partnership of highly qualified instructors. Heart of Belize Expeditions 2014: This joint venture will be running several Scientific Support Expeditions in 2014 and we are now Recruiting for participants to join us and help conserve and manage the rainforests of Belize for a better future for all.

About us

At Survival Wisdom, we offer the kind of bespoke survival training which will equip you and your team with the skills and expertise you need to be resilient and adaptable in an unpredictable world.

Our approach is proven and innovative; it reflects the unique partnership of our highly-qualified instructors, our combined 60 years’ experience in military and civilian training and our ability to emerge wiser from some of the world’s harshest environments.

We’re also supported by a team of accredited, hand-picked specialist instructors, whose skills we match to your specific requirements.
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