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Suryalila Retreat Centre

Suryalila Retreat Centre

Suryalila Retreat Centre

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Suryalila Retreat Centre


Cadoz, Spain

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Yoga and Wellbeing retreat centre in the Sierras of Andalucía - hosting yoga holidays, retreats, teacher trainings. Also an organic farm with Olive trees, vegetable garden, poultry, and fruit trees. organic vegetarian kitchen, Accommodation for 35 guests, two beautiful yoga halls, yoga and wellbeing shop, salt water swimming pool, detox and massage facilities and practitioners.

What can we offer Escapees?

What can we offer escapees? Having made the move from a corporate job in London, to our beautiful rural retreat in Spain - I can say we can  offer MORE - space, time, natural beauty, peace, fantastic organic healthy food, yoga, time to think, opportunity to learn new skills, (in the garden, on the farm, on the mat,  - and LESS ...smart phones, ipads, 24 hour news, television, pressure to earn a lot of money just to survive, people..... etc.
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Our values

At Suryalila we are offering our gusts an opportunity to unwind and to let go. With so many pressures in modern life we find our guests are very grateful for the simple opportunity to be in a peaceful natural environment, eat healthy organic food, and practice yoga twice a day. The staff at Suryalila and volunteers are low key but work really hard to take good care of our guests. The centre is not aligned with any spiritual or religious organisation and is welcoming to all groups and organisations. Suryalila is founded on the belief that there is a lot we have in common and little that separates us, and we all have an obligation to try to live in harmony with the natural world.
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