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Tanzanian Children's Fund

Tanzanian Children's Fund

Tanzanian Children's Fund

The Tanzanian Children’s Fund provides support for the Rift Valley Children’s Village, an orphanage in the Karatu region of Tanzania, and other related community-based programs that improve the liv...


Karatu, Tanzania

22 Apr 2013

Opportunity has expired

Orphanage Assistant

Loving, dedicated, hard-working individuals needed to assist with running our Children's Village!

Karatu, Tanzania

Applicants are required to hold the relevant Visas/Work Permits

Job Type:
Contract / Short-term
Escape Factors:
Social Impact
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The Tanzanian Children's Fund (TCF) ( is dedicated to improving the lives of marginalized children in the Karatu region of Northern Tanzania. The Rift Valley Children's Village (RVCV or the Children's Village) was created in 2003 to provide a loving home and a life of opportunity for orphaned children. Today, almost 100 children lead happy, healthy lives at the Children's Village. They receive far more than food, clothing, and shelter – each child at the Children's Village grows up securely knowing that they are loved and that they are an integral part of this unique community. They are not up for adoption; the Children's Village is their permanent family, nurturing them to become productive citizens and future leaders of Tanzania.

Volunteering at the Rift Valley Children's Village is a wonderful experience for volunteers as well as for our children. Volunteering involves hard work, doing without many comforts or luxuries to which you might be accustomed and throwing yourself into tasks and projects that may be completely new to you.

Our days begin early (6:15a.m.) and do not end until our last child has been put to bed (about 7:30p.m.). The "work" you will be asked to do may vary according to what you are assigned to. Everyone at the Children's Village is expected to chip in whenever a gap needs to be filled – soothe a child who has just scraped his knee, assist with afternoon and weekend activities, help with bath time, and help with tutoring our children. Our main goal of the Children's Village is to assure that our children feel loved and valued each and every day. In short, this may be the most difficult and the most rewarding work you have ever done. Still interested? Read on...

If you have chosen to volunteer, then you are clearly someone who loves children, likes to participate and take initiative, doesn't mind getting dirty, and who thrives in a group setting. Volunteers are assigned to a specific job(s) during their time here based upon his or her skills and interests and our needs, but are expected to pitch in whenever a need arises. Our Volunteer Coordinator and our other volunteers are always there to help guide you through your first days until you are comfortable with our routine. You are rewarded daily for your efforts – a smile on a child's face, a group hug from the kids, an appreciative word from other members of the staff – whatever amount of yourself you choose to give, you will get back tenfold in so many wonderful ways.

If you are interested in volunteering at the Rift Valley Children's Village, please keep in mind the following policies:

  • We are unable to host volunteers who are under 21 years of age without a chaperone.
  • Our minimum length of term for volunteers is 3 weeks and our maximum is 6 months.
This opportunity has expired
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