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London, United Kingdom

Recommend to a friend: is the easiest place to try new things in London, helping people discover new hobbies and interests and connect with like-minded people.

What are we all about?

TasterLab was founded with one simple idea : to make it as easy as possible for people to try something new and discover what they love doing. Cities all over the world are bursting with amazing things to do, but ironically with so much going on it can be difficult to escape the 9-5 routine and know what to do! 

We want to fix this conundrum by offering tasters of experiences, expert advice and feedback from other Tasterers in the Lab, so that it’s as easy as possible for people to take the first step and discover new hobbies and passions.
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How do we do it?

It's very rare that all these great service providers are constantly fully booked. But yet very often the class or session that’s running week in week out has to happen anyway. 

We use this website to distribute that spare inventory for merchants (i.e the spare space in the meditation class, or the spare seat in the script writing class, or the spare spot in the park for the before breakfast outdoor fitness session) to make it really easy for people to take the first step without having to pay full price. And let’s face it, once you’ve tried something for the first time, it’s much easier to keep going. 

And what’s more, if you make a new discovery then you’re perfectly placed to inspire others and help them make an informed decision by leaving feedback on your experience.
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Who are we?

We’re a small, international team of people based in London, Buenos Aires and the US who passionately believe that tastering, exploring and discovering new things about ourselves and the people around us is what life’s all about.

This website is our passion and we work hard to constantly make it better, offer more tasters and inspire more people to discover new things.
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