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Teach First

Teach First

Teach First

Teach First is an independent charity working to address one of the UK’s most damaging social issues – educational disadvantage. We recruit exceptional graduates and experienced professionals into ...


All over the country, United Kingdom

24 Jun 2011

Opportunity has expired

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Details on Teach First site

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Public Policy
Social Enterprise
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Social Impact
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Teach First's Leadersip Development Programme

Teach First's fantastic Leadership Development Programme

All over the country, United Kingdom

Applicants are required to hold the relevant Visas/Work Permits

Compensation details:
Details on Teach First site

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Entry Level
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Social Impact
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Your energy, intelligence and creativity can transform the futures of students and drive up standards in challenging schools around the UK. Teach First’s two-year programme provides the training and support to enable you to make a real impact. At the same time, it’s an opportunity to dramatically enhance your own career potential and become part of a movement that is effecting profound change in our society.

Consider the way your life has been changed by the education you have received. Knowledge and the tools to solve problems, insight and appreciation of the world around you and, above all, opportunity. Now imagine if you could help other young people to access all that. Teach First takes exceptional graduates and transforms them into inspiring leaders – your leadership, inspiration and, above all, your example can be the key that unlocks the future for students confronted by a wide range of personal and social issues.

And while you are transforming lives, Teach First will help you to maximise your own potential, discover new skills and build on those you already have. With high-quality training – leading to the achievement of Qualified Teacher Status – leadership development, coaching and ongoing alumni programmes, Teach First will provide you with a strong platform of skills and experience to take forward into any management career.

That’s why over 80 companies, government agencies and public bodies back Teach First to develop top talent for the future. Put simply, if you can engage, manage and stimulate a class of under-performing teenagers, you can handle pretty well any situation in business.

This opportunity has expired
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