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Technology Will Save Us

Technology Will Save Us

Technology Will Save Us

Technology Will Save Us is a haberdashery for technology and education dedicated to helping people to produce and not just consume technology.

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Technology Will Save Us


London, United Kingdom

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About us

We design technology that you make yourself.

Technology Will Save Us kits are the best way to learn skills, make cool devices and begin your journey as a tech maker.

We are on a mission to help anyone become a maker of technology. We think this happens not with one kind of skill but with multiple skills related to technology and design. We believe the foundations of a maker are rooted in an ability to be resourceful, finding real needs to solve and having some basic technological knowledge. All of our kits are focused on helping people to become makers.

Why are we exciting?

Devices, gadgets and computers are a fundamental part of our everyday lives. Yet most people know so little about what these things are made of; let alone how to fix them or create new ways to use them. However, an exciting shift is emerging in society, a shift where people are finding new and inventive ways to re-skill.

This business is part of that shift.

We're exciting because we invite people to lift the lid of their devices, and learn about how to fix, hack and tinker. 

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