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The Access Project

The Access Project

The Access Project

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The Access Project

London, United Kingdom

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The Access Project combats educational inequality by using volunteer tutors to help motivated students access top universities. For full details of our work, please see the website.

About us

We combat educational inequality by using volunteer tutors to help motivated students access top universities.

There are two strands to our programme:

  1. One-to-one tutorials - High-flying graduates deliver weekly one-to-one academic tutorials to students, mostly at the tutor’s workplace, although we are currently exploring other tutoring  platforms as we expand across the UK.
  2. UCAS & Enrichment - We work with schools to augment their UCAS & enrichment calendar, tailoring activities to reinforce what they already have in place.


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Why become a tutor?

We think tutoring is a great way to re-engage with a subject that you loved enough to take at A-level or at degree level. But don’t take our word for it – here’s Oli talking about his Physics tutorials:

"One-on-one tutoring is equally challenging and rewarding. Finding alternative explanations has definitely developed my own understanding of the subject”

What’s more, you can really make a difference to a motivated student who is ambitious and wants to get to the best university they can. Here’s Coralie reflecting on her experience of tutoring Maths:

“The difference between my first lesson with Matthew and the last was just incredible. It’s great to feel that you’ve at least been a part of that change. All the students I have are really hardworking and motivated, and it is a pleasure working with them”

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What does a tutorial look like?

Tutorials come in different shapes and sizes. However, there are some things that are always the same:

  • They happen at or near your workplace.
  • They’re an hour long, once a week.
  • They’re focused on an academic subject that you have studied at least up to A-level (if tutoring GCSE), or up to degree level (if tutoring A-level).

What you cover during your hour will vary depending on the student’s needs and the time of year – as exams approach, you will find yourself looking at a lot more past papers!

We understand that responding to the changing needs of your tutee can pose some challenges, and so we give you a range of support to help your tutoring:

  • We’ll give you online resources to cover most of the topics that your student might throw at you.
  • We’ll give you training before you start to help you think about some approaches to structuring your tutorial sessions.
  • You’ll be in direct contact with our Programme Coordinator in school, who will be able to feedback and advise on any aspects of the tutorials that you’re having difficulty with.
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