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The Adventurists

The Adventurists

The Adventurists

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The Adventurists

Bristol, United Kingdom

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We're fighting to make the world less boring with extreme adventures designed to guarantee an old school bout of unpredictable mayhem and save the world by raising shedloads for charity. From 10 days riding in the world's longest horse race, to 2 weeks forcing a tuk tuk the length of India or up to 4 weeks driving a tiny car to Mongolia, we have plenty of ways to help get you into trouble...

Fighting to Make the World Less Boring

Some git has already walked off the edge of all our maps, there's a traffic jam to get to the top of the world's tallest mountain, every millimeter of our good planet has been scanned by satellites and rammed into your mobile phone. What room is there left for those of us who still yearn for a bit of old school adventure? We live in a hermetically sealed, health & safety shit-storm where using a ladder is considered unacceptably dangerous and adventure travel means a guided tour up a mountain or staying in a hotel with less than four stars.

Here at The Adventurists we believe there is still adventure to be found in the world. We just need to go try that little bit harder to find it. Let's cut new edges into our maps, break our GPS' and set forth into the world to find out what happens.
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What do we do?

Imagine you're lost in a massive Kazakh desert, hundreds of miles from civilisation, driving a car your granny would be embarrassed by. Then all of a sudden all your wheels fall off and the search for tools turns up a dirty sock and two dried apricots. Perfect.

We organise extreme adventures, designed to be intentionally difficult and ridiculous. Proper adventure that is unpredictable, dangerous and downright fucking exciting. No back up, no set route and no guarantee of making it to the finish line. These are not guided tours. They are not holidays. They are generators of chaos that result in tales so tall you will be telling your grandchildren about the time you drove a tiny car across 15 countries to Mongolia.

If you want a holiday, or an itinerary, or any kind of bum wiping or hand holding, these adventures are probably not for you. If you like the idea of walking off the edge of a map or finding yourself on top of a mountain in a vehicle designed for a short hop in town, give us a shout.

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We're saving the world. This is how.

We’ve been banging on about saving the world for ages and we’ve raised stupendous amounts of money for a load of amazing charities (4.2 million GBP and counting). We sat down at HQ and pondered on what we could do that will actually save the world and continue the fight to make it less boring.

Then it hit us like a well polished brogue to the nuts: “we must save every rainforest in the world so future generations have somewhere to get stuck”. Not because we’re tree hugging sandal weavers, but because the world would be shit without them. It’s not just about the carbon, the point is rainforests are indescribably excellent.

What would have happened if David Livingstone had vanished in a supermarket car park? Morton Stanley would have found him 3 minutes later slumped in parking bay 93F surrounded by sweet wrappers and used condoms.

No no no... We need rainforests, not just to create oxygen but to get lost in. Without rainforests we’d have no pith helmets. We’d live in a world with no tigers to run away from. There would be no cock gourds, no poisonous tree frogs, no tarzan, no great apes, no David Livingstone, no Mary Kingsley, no Mungo Park.

“Fuck progress,” said Mr. Tom, founder of The Adventurists, “we want the world to be covered in dark, unknown forests stretching away in an endless medley of sweat, botheration and deadly insects.”

So Adventurists, we shall fix it. We shall save them all.

This means The Adventurists’ teams will not only be making the world less boring but actually saving mankind from it’s own stupidity as well. Well done you.

We spent a whole year looking into this, investigating who did what in the fight to save our foresty marvels. We wanted something real and tangible. Something measured in square metres not policy and intentions. And after looking high and low we found the charity that we think does it best: Cool Earth. They are now the official charity for all the adventures.

Here’s how they describe their fine work:

Only protecting rainforest that is in imminent danger and without our intervention would be cleared.

Protects rainforest that forms a natural barrier to tens of thousands of acres of adjacent forest.

Working with local communities to make sure that they are best placed to protect the rainforest.

Making sure the money our individual sponsors give us goes directly to the rainforest. We spend less than 10% of our supporters' money on administration.

Protecting areas with high levels of biodiversity which store at least 260 tonnes of CO2 per acre.

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