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The Amani Institute

The Amani Institute

The Amani Institute

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The Amani Institute

Nairobi, Kenya

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Preparing next-generation talent to tackle global challenges by filling the gap between university and the workforce through a new approach to higher education.

Why are we exciting?

How did you like your education? Did it prepare you to become an empowered individual, ready to jump and grow into the most awesome version of your self? Right. If you belong to the majority of people who were taught to abide by the status quo, climb ladders, tread mills and barely escaped from that fate, you probably love us. 

Our most profound problems tend to cross national boundaries, requiring not just interdisciplinary thought but also interlocking experiences to understand them. They call upon problem-solvers to submit their whole being in the service of creating sustainable change. And in this world of accelerating problems, the most important thing to do is help more people become problem-solvers. 

Responding to the widely-perceived gap between university education and the marketplace for changemaker jobs, the Amani Institute's ( mission is to develop next-generation talent for solving social problems. We do this by pioneering a new model for higher education that offers participants opportunities to get an intensive experience of cross-boundary work, develop practical skills to build their professional toolkit, and understand the personal journey this work requires in order to be effective and sustainable as an individual over time - all things that employers desire and that are critical for long term career success. This methodology comes to life in our Certificate in Social Innovation Management held in Nairobi but open to anyone in the world. 

In the process, we build much-needed capacity in civil society organizations, enabling more effective operations across the entire field. Finally, our end goal is less to create a large new training institution than to catalyze a change the higher education system, and our students become pioneers in fostering that new way of thinking. 

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Our values

Vision, Courage, Empathy and Changemaking are the core values we seek to foster in our students, our staff and the organizations and institutions we work with.

These values represent four essential skills for leaders of the future to master and what we wish to manifest in the world.


To see what is not, and ask why not 

To look beyond your own position and identity to see what you can do 

To set a new direction, for self, organization/community, and planet


To step into the unknown, and into possibility, without having all the answers 

To hold steady in the face of both the seductions and threats of the status quo 

To stand up when others can't (or won't)


To see yourself as part of a larger whole 

To burn for justice 

To sense common ground when difference threatens


To build, not (just) critique 

To scale the walls that stand in your way 

To deploy not just skills and knowledge, but all parts of you

To summarize, the Amani Institute looks for visionary individuals with the courage and empathy to create social change. These are also the core values by which we will measure our own impact in the world, and continually strive to live up to ourselves.

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What can we offer Escapees?

 As an escapee you have the option to either finally get the education you always wanted to dive deep into your career of changemaking - or you can come join our team and be part of an exciting journey changing the field of higher education and social changemaking.

The Amani Institute is currently based in Nairobi, Kenya, one of - if not the - most exciting hubs in terms of social entrepreneurship in the world. In fall 2014 we are piloting a 3-month program in Sao Paolo, Brazil. Our vision is not to create one large educational institution, but rather to foster a new educational paradigm in Universities and other tertiary education institutions. If you are interested in making this change happening you are more than welcome to join the movement.

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