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The News Hub

The News Hub

User-powered news platform. All content generated by users: citizen journalists, bloggers and bona fide journalists. Free to access but contributors get paid. Each user has a profile and can follow favourite contributors. Each user has a personal feed that curates content based on their interests, history, network etc. Reactive and interactive user experience - e.g polls, petitions, debate

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The News Hub

London, United Kingdom

Why are we exciting?

The News Hub is a user-powered news platform that seeks to capitalise on the digital age. Unlike many publishers, we don't think the internet is the death knell for news - rather it's an opportunity to make news more powerful than ever before.

Free to access, The News Hub will pay its contributors for quality content - whether that's a general user uploading a photo of a bomb explosion, or a bona fide journalist assessing the Palestinian/Israeli peace talks.

Users will have personal profiles and be able to follow contributors they like. Essentially, The News Hub is creating a free market for news.

Each user will have a personal feed that tailors content for them based on their interests, history and who they follow. Gone are the days when everyone will see the same news on the same homepage regardless of their interests.

Furthermore, the user experience itself will be highly interactive, with features such as polls, petitions and debates. In sum, The News Hub seeks to drag news, finally, into the digital age.

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