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The ONCA Trust and Gallery

The ONCA Trust and Gallery

One Network for Conservation and the Arts. Creating spaces for people to engage with our changing planet. We work with artists and communities, running themed exhibitions and arts-based educational events at the ONCA gallery in central Brighton. Proceeds from art sales support frontline conservation projects.

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The ONCA Trust and Gallery

14 St George's Place, Brighton, United Kingdom

About us

ONCA started with the idea of a gallery, a permanent space for people to engage with our changing planet.  

The ONCA Gallery opened on 1st November 2012, aiming to marry art with conservation.  We feel that in order to engage people with the environment, it is important to raise awareness about how that environment is changing, as well as to encourage an active involvement with life around us.  We do this by telling stories, using art from all disciplines to think about our relationship with the natural world.  We work with local and national conservation projects, giving artists a vehicle and a forum through which to create, display and sell art inspired by conservation.  This art is on show to the public at the ONCA Gallery in central Brighton, raising awareness and funds for the projects.  We also run creative courses for young people and adults, entitled Write Here, which open environmental dialogue and stimulate artistic inspiration.

 The objectives of the ONCA Trust are:

  1. To raise awareness of environmental and conservation issues through the arts.
  2. To promote educational initiatives relating to art and conservation.
  3. To raise funds to support conservation projects.

Why are we exciting?

First, ONCA engages artists in environmental change. Secondly, we enable communities, particularly young people, to unite around a sense that they can inspire and create change.  And third, ONCA works directly with frontline conservation groups, giving artists a chance to directly experience the issues at hand by setting up residencies in the field.  So why are we exciting?

ONCA is about setting up spaces for people to talk, create, think, make, do, remember, celebrate…a place for us to be.  If you are an artist, a young person or a volunteer, if you represent a charity, a project or a school, if you are involved in none of these things but just want to come and have a chat – please do.  ONCA is trying to be an open space in a changing world.


What can we offer Escapees?

We are looking to create a network of people, interested in ways that art and conservation can work together.  We offer a place in which to explore these ideas, a venue in which to connect with similar-minded people and an opportunity to be involved in forming our projects - projects that directly respond to our changing planet.

We are open to ideas, and we know we don't have all the answers.  But we have had over 2000 visitors in our first two months, we have connected with over 200 artists - from world renowned to recently graduated student, from poet to sculptor, street artist to painter, musician to circus performer - and every day, a new person comes in with new ideas and new ways to be involved.  Join ONCA, and help our network grow.
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