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The Restart Project

The Restart Project

The Restart Project

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The Restart Project

London, United Kingdom

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The Restart Project prevents waste and promotes positive behaviour change by encouraging and empowering people to use their electronics longer. We are preparing the ground for a future sustainable economy by reskilling, supporting repair entrepreneurs, and helping people of all walks of life to be more resilient.

Why are we exciting?

Between now and 2020 the UK will dispose of 12 Mt of WEEE, which is equivalent to over 178 kg per person. 

Many "green" projects concentrate on food, textiles, and furniture waste, and reducing energy wasted at home and in transport, but very few people think about the devices on which we have all become increasingly dependent.

And while the environmental impacts of electronic waste are truly disturbing and reach even beyond our borders, the problem is much deeper. We feel caught in a cycle of consumption, feeling disempowered. Most people have simply lost the skills to be resilient, sustainable and ethical in their use of electronics.

So The Restart Project started with a year of intense activity - on an absolute shoestring - with free community events called "Restart Parties".

What makes us unique from other grassroots repair initiatives is that we are developing trainings and events will be targeted to students and young people, as well as people who are interested in reskilling. We are also looking into ways to add value to the commercial repair economy, through referrals.

Our ideas are unique, sustainable and scalable  - and we have the ambition to scale behaviour change towards ethical electronics consumption globally.

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