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The Sandpit

The Sandpit

The Sandpit

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Private Equity
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The Sandpit

London, United Kingdom

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Technology is changing marketing, into something we believe will be far more powerful and user-friendly. We give visionary technical founders the product, marketing and commercial boost they need to bring game-changing digital products to market. We’re assembling next generation talent around disruptive digital products to push both out of beta and into the world faster.

Why are we exciting?

We accelerate talented people by dropping them into fast-moving roles with disruptive tech start-ups and providing and equal amount of challenge and support to help them grow into their potential.

Our values

We are...

  • Original: when others zig, we zag
  • Effectuate: our ideas are put into force, not onto a shelf
  • Street smart: our experience and our lessons learnt help us to help you.
  • Irreverent: we might as well have fun while we change the world.

At The Sandpit, we give next generation people & products the hands on support they need to progress at a ridiculously ambitious pace.

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What can we offer Escapees?

Sandpitters are super-smart, highly-effective, optimistic and charismatic. Our approach is to bring in the best talent across all functions of the business and give them the opportunity to learn fast under the mentorship of a leadership team who’ve been there, done that, and now want to pass on what they’ve learned. We like a dynamic environment and lots of variety and this is exactly why we do what we do! At The Sandpit, we get to work with talented and passionate teams and we love being a part of their journey. 

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