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Monestevole, Umbertide, Italy

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At Tribewanted we're on a mission to build a collection of the very best off-grid community experiences around the world. Join us! Currently in Bali, Papua New Guinea, Sierra Leone, Italy and adding more locations. Join us!

About us

On Vorovoro Island, Fiji, it was foretold that one day 'the world would come' and in 2006 an email connected the small Fijian community with an online 'tribe' of travellers and a new project and adventure began
Since then, on Vorovoro, a beach in Sierra Leone, in the Umbrian hills, and now in Mozambique and Bali we have been working in partnership with communities and welcomed over 2500 visiting tribe-members, students, families and curious travellers.
We’ve generated over $3m in revenues and invested into the local projects and supported over 100 jobs.
Our Vision: off-grid experiences worldwide
We've learnt that tourism is the frontline for so much community development. We also know that our most memorable travel experiences are when we connect with people and a place in an authentic way. 
At Tribewanted, we're working to help lead the lifestyle shift that we see as necessary, fun and desirable by providing off-grid experiences, inspiration and education that benefit both local communities and visitors. 
We bring people together for magical experiences. We mix the best of the old (preserving cultural heritage, conserving valuable resources, and mindfulness) with the new (design thinking, co-working, renewable energy, permaculture, and social networks).
Since 2006 we've been exploring what it means to live like this. Join us on the journey.
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We believe in the power of community experiences to positively influence behavior change towards more sustainable living.

By funding and creating sustainable communities and sharing meaningful, fun and inspiring cross-cultural experiences on the ground and online, we provide a positive footprint for others to follow. At Tribewanted we've been building an engaged, educated and passionate social network – a tribe – who make this happen.

Our priority now is to build an initial network of 10 model communities that demonstrate, educate and inspire sustainability. To achieve this we plan to recruit 10,000 ‘tribe-members’ through a crowd-funding co-operative: known as a Community Interest Company.

This is crowd-funding, community-building and adventure rolled into one. Join us as a tribe member, ambassador or more!

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