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Uganda Hands for Hope

Uganda Hands for Hope

Uganda Hands for Hope

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Uganda Hands for Hope

Kampala, Uganda

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Uganda Hands for Hope is a small non-profit organisation working with the residents of Kampala's informal urban settlements. We pride ourselves on having a close working relationship with our beneficiaries and for our hands-on approach to our work. We do not believe in handouts but rather in targeting the most vulnerable and giving them the tools they need to help themselves. We operate several

About us

Uganda Hands for Hope works with vulnerable children and families who live in temporary urban settlements, especially from Namuwongo slum. Namuwongo slum is the 2nd largest slum area in Kampala and is known to have at least 11,000 residents, some estimate that this figure is as high as 30,000 at times. Many of the residents are refugees from Northern Uganda and DR Congo, and from rural Uganda looking for work.

Estimates show that over 50% of the population of Namuwongo are children. Families regularly number over 6 people and the vast majority of houses are a small single room made out of mud. The slum boarders a swamp which means when there is flooding houses are often swept away, more often than not resulting in deaths in the community.

The slum itself is an extremely dangerous place for children. Alcoholism in men is rife and sexual exploitation and prostitution is common. Clean water is accessible, but the hygiene levels are extremely poor with untreated medical conditions an everyday problem. There is no effective sewerage system meaning that every time there are heavy rains sewage flows through the streets of the slum.

Uganda Hands for Hope works in the community, targeting the most vulnerable children and families of Namuwongo. Each year we identify 26 of the most vulnerable children (aged 3-5) and place them in our nursery school. Our programme is funded by individual sponsor.

Sponsorship money pays for an education for the children, free medical health care, 2 essential meals a day, livelihood projects for the community, health awareness days, HIV/AIDS awareness day and other community projects.
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What can we offer Escapees?

Uganda Hands for Hope runs many projects:

  • sponsorship programme
  • nursery school
  • community outreach team
  • livelihood programmes for struggling parents
  • candle making programme for youths from the slum community
  • community library
  • health sensitisation
  • HIV/AIDS awareness day

Whether you have teaching experience, social work experience, work in the health sector, or are just great at art and would like to paint a mural there is plenty for you do with us.

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