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About Luminet We are an established business internet company business of 7 years- currently providing wired and wireless reliable business internet IT connectivity services to over 500 SME businesses in Central London. Luminet has unique differentiators and is investing in three new infrastructure networks in London and the UK. Focusing on London with niche services to 4 main verticals that value the differentiators provided. The company has account managers, direct sales and channel sales teams and goes to market via, direct, referrals and channel partners. The focus on these areas will be complimented by working with the 500 existing customers and the addition of a wholesale route to market. Our New brand, Luminet and its managed services are focussed on intelligent networks, bringing corporate solutions to SME’s by joining business customers’ applications with connectivity, IAAS and PAAS solutions. The aim is to bringing corporate levels of services in an affordable and differentiated way to enterprises. We are undergoing an important change in our business and introducing a new higher bandwidth wireless network, cloud connectivity and IAAS support services and are planning to launch the Luminet brand in January 2015. We are keen to get the right team on-board and hit 2015 fully staffed and take full advantage of these new services.


London, United Kingdom

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This opportunity has already expired

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8 Jan 2014

Customer Experience Champion

Seeking a customer champion - ideally from B2B/ IT Telecoms/technology - to take the board's strategy and lead the Customer Experience Engagement beyond expectations.

Applicants are required to hold the relevant Visas/Work Permits

Location: London, United Kingdom

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Customer Service
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