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We are a strategic consultancy to start-ups and SMEs. We also typically hold significant equity stakes in our clients. We have a simple objective of helping small business owners build great glob...


London, United Kingdom

13 Aug 2013

Opportunity has expired

Compensation details:
£30-54k, plus significant performance-based equity options

Employer tags:
Venture Capital
Capital Markets
Investment Management
Corporate Finance
Marketing and Advertising
Consumer Products
Esc Factor:
Exciting Brand
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Marketing Director / Chief Marketing Officer

Exciting position for strategy/marketing extraordinaire at strategy consultancy to start-ups and SME's

London, United Kingdom

Applicants are required to hold the relevant Visas/Work Permits

Compensation details:
£30-54k, plus significant performance-based equity options

Job Type:
Remote Working
Senior Level
Escape Factors:
Exciting Brand
Brand Management
Business Development
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We hold significant equity stakes in our clients.  We have a small but diverse and growing portfolio of early-stage clients/investees, covering both the physical and e-commerce worlds, and they deal with kids, education, food, retail, fashion, and mobile solutions, and they are all doing pretty darn well actually.  

What they needed yesterday were different from what they need today, so we can't promise that you will really end up doing what we thought you'd be doing, but we do think that our clients/investees certainly can do with an all-round marketing genius on board just for the heck of it (ok fine, we want them to get to global domination status sooner than planned)...


You will act as a full-time Marketing Director (or interim Chief Marketing Officer) from a portfolio level to start, perhaps across three to five different companies.  You will work closely with us, and in reality that means you will interact directly with the Founder(s) of all the companies on anything and everything marketing-related, from uber high-level strategy and planning, right down to the most mundane task of implementation. 

Our clients/investees are all in relatively early-stages, so what we can afford to pay initially will certainly not commensurate with your experience/worth.  However, in our mind, if you perform beyond expectations, you will be offered significant equity options in some (or all) of our client/investee companies.  Why would you give the bulk of your paycheck to the taxman anyway right?  Heck, we honestly wish that you are so good that you end up running one (or more, if you can) of these companies soon, and we will help you get there if you prove your worth.  

Desired qualities:

So, while we will not bore you with any specific job requirements, we trust that you will simply know that you are good (and fit) enough before you'd even apply.  Suffice to say that extensive marketing experience with solid references would be ideal.  But we recognise that we don't live in an ideal world, so even if you are not, you will certainly have the drive, capacity, background and presence of mind to get to the level required within nanoseconds to be able to make a significant positive impact in these companies as THE marketer. 

Due diligence and timing:

As we hate wasting anyone's time, if you think it works better for you before you risk wasting your precious time applying (or ours, in reviewing unsuitable profiles), please feel free to pop us a message with a brief background in whatever shape or form, and we will simply send you a few web links to a set of client/investee companies we'd like you to be involved in.  You can then perhaps make a slightly more informed decision whether to take this leap of faith to apply for the position.

If you are the right one, we would almost literally give you a big hug on the spot.  More importantly, if we are right for you, we hope that you would do the same.  After all, every single day matters to our clients/investees in their quest to be the best in their sectors.
This opportunity has expired
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