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VisionFund International

VisionFund International

VisionFund International

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VisionFund International

Global Microfinance Network, United Kingdom

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VisionFund improves the lives of children in the developing world by offering small loans and other financial services to families living in poverty.

About us

We improve the lives of children living in poverty.
We empower poor women and their families with small loans and other financial services.
We unlock the potential for communities to thrive. 
We are VisionFund.
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What is microfinance?

Microfinance provides the economic engine to enable the world’s poorest communities to turn business ideas and opportunities into successful enterprises. ‘Micro’ refers to the relatively small sums needed to provide start-up capital or funding for growth. Microfinance providers work with communities who don’t have access to mainstream financial services.


Microloans involve lending small sums of money, often just a few hundred dollars, to people who do not have a measurable credit history, assets to secure the loans, or access to mainstream financial providers. They are designed to be realistic and affordable for borrowers. When they are repaid, the funds are recycled to other borrowers. This way a fund can support a number of different enterprises and help build a diverse and sustainable local economy.


Savings programmes enable those without a reliable and regular income to save funds to be used in the event of disaster or misfortune. Micro-savings accounts help ensure safety and security of funds and pay a small bonus on the money saved.


Crop insurance enables clients to guard against the failure of their crop through lack of rain or natural disaster. Health insurance helps provide funds when a member of the family is sick or worse still dies. Micro-insurance is made available to clients in case the worst happens.

Loans, savings and insurance make up microfinance and are all provided by the VisionFund network in over 35 locations across the world.
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How we are different

We are a different sort of financial institution. Our microfinance services are integrated into the development of the work of World Vision who carry out development programmes in health, water, sanitation, education and economic development. Together we work to improve the lives of children living in poverty.

Working within these area development programmes, our microfinance support enables people to develop a reliable source of income and a livelihood. This is often the difference between subsistence living and making a small profit to improve food quality, health or to send children to school.

Working with World Vision

Our partnership with World Vision demonstrates our full approach which we believe is not just for physical survival but living a rich and fulfilling life. For over 60 years World Vision has worked with the poorest and most desperate communities of the developing world. Inspired by the needs of Korean war orphans, World Vision has grown into one of the largest Christian development organisations in the world.

Now working in nearly 100 countries World Vision improves the lives of children and their families through long-term commitment to their communities. This might be through providing clean water or better access to food, or by providing education or training to ensure communities thrive economically.

As well as helping communities to become sustainable, World Vision advocates for people in danger or without a voice; to provide safety from sex trafficking or representation for child exploitation. In addition World Vision is often the first to respond in times of crisis or emergency, whether providing food and water to flood victims or shelter and safety to those caught up in war.

Motivated by its Christian values World Vision serves all people regardless of their religion, race, ethnic background or gender. It seeks life in all its fullness for every child across the world.

The full impact of people moving away from long-term poverty is materialised when World Vision and VisionFund interventions work together.

Our approach

By providing small loans and other financial services, we help people turn their ideas into small businesses to support their families. Our staff are known and trusted by the communities they serve. They understand their clients’ needs and their culture. As well as providing financial services, they also give trusted advice and share their know how to help our clients succeed in building sustainable enterprises.

With an average loan of just $300, the income our clients generate can make them financially self-sufficient to provide a better life for their families. This means fewer children in poverty and more children growing up in healthier and safer communities.

Our savings programmes can help those without other assets to cope when sickness strikes or when there is no regular income. We also provide micro-insurance in times of natural disaster and supports health improvement for illness or death.
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