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Breda, Netherlands

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JobnetAfrica recruits and advertises for employers active on the African continent. Our database and network exists of international professionals that already live and work in Africa, have done this before or dream to do so. We are based in the Netherlands, our team is experienced in living and working in Africa themselves.

Why are we exciting?

In need of a cultural rollercoaster, graduated but not feeling like the Western rhythm, wild future plans with your partner, retired but still full of fire, looking for a challenging job, contribute to a better world, a year sabbatical or simply quit your job?


Then JobnetAfrica is exactly what you are looking for!

Enthusiastically you start surfing the net, looking for endless possibilities in the world. You check every site that answers to your search criteria, but don’t find satisfying information. JobnetAfrica has that dream job you cannot find yourself.


You will be on the plane before you know it. 

JobnetAfrica stands for quality and personality. We take the needs of our candidates, employers and organizations very seriously. We do not waste any of your costly time, we work in a correct and accurate way that makes sure that we find the most suitable solution for all parties. And you only pay when the match is successful, so there is no risk! What are you waiting for? 

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About us

Job net Africa is the name of the most reliable site for international and diaspora professionals that are looking for careers in Africa. Our platform is available for anyone looking to live and work in Africa, has done this before or still does. The international or expat jobs we offer are realistic and actually do exist. Our goal is to link reliable employers with the best candidates available, to create careers in Africa.

Our team exists of highly passionate people that worked part of their careers in Africa and have a specific bond with the African continent. Unlike most job search sites we feel that everybody that took the time to contact us deserves a response. Therefor we have developed a very personal and informal way of working. With this approach we have realised many successful matches in the past and will continue to increase this number in the coming years!

Job net Africa offers several services online and offline, for employers and candidates.  With our personal approach our team of Africa experts is always willing to offer a helping hand. So please let us know in case you feel lost in persuading your careers in Africa!

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Where to find our job offers?

Check out our website or email us on!

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