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Wild Guanabana - Life Changing Journeys

Wild Guanabana - Life Changing Journeys

Wild Guanabana - Life Changing Journeys

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Wild Guanabana - Life Changing Journeys

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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We help people discover more about themselves and the world through creating Authentic & Ethical Adventure Travel Experiences Worldwide. We're about self-discovery; embracing the new & unknown. Embark with us on a life-changing journey. #LIVEWILD

Why the funky name?

“In 2003, I was traversing the dense Costa Rican jungle with local friends when we ran out of food, a day short of our next re-supply. I walked passed the giant spikey Guanabana fruit not knowing it was edible. Luckily, my friends knew better. They sliced it open with a machete and we ate to our hearts content. The Guanabana saved us and became our lucky charm. The richness of its taste and the experience lingered in my mind. Years later, when I sat pondering the values of our company and its name, it all came rushing back to me. The Guanabana and my experience embody everything we stand for; we’re daring, different and green. Besides, WILD GUANABANA is super fun to say. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and try!” 
- Omar Samra, Founder & Chief Guanabana.

Our values

We believe in non-conformity and challenging the status-quo. 
We believe that we only grow in our 'un'comfort zone. 
believe in being good to others and to our planet.
We believe that travel should be nothing short of life changing.

What can we offer Escapees?

As corporate escapees ourselves (investment banking, private equity, real estate, oil & gas) and having spent a big chunk of our years in the city, we get what most people who are attracted to 'Escape The City' feel. So whether people are looking for a trip to inspire them and use it as a launch pad to get clarity before embarking on their next big career change, or they still feel they want to stick with the corporate gig for a while longer but need that momentary respite where they can unwind and discover more about themselves and the world, we can help by creating the right travel experience for them with like-minded individuals.

Why do we exist?

Wild Guanabana [gwuh-nah-buh-nuh] is centered on the belief that the world is an incredible place truly worth exploring and discovering. That by removing ourselves from the distractions of everyday life and taking on new and challenging experiences, be it discovering a new culture, seeing an incredible sunrise, volunteering or climbing a mountain; we grow and learn more about ourselves and the world, in ways we never thought possible. We fondly think of ourselves as a platform for Life Changing Journeys to unfold and know nothing more fulfilling than creating then sharing these experiences with others.
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