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Woodsford Tradebridge

Woodsford Tradebridge

Woodsford Tradebridge

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Financial Services
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Woodsford Tradebridge


London, United Kingdom

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Woodsford TradeBridge is a UK based provider of supplier early payment programs who believe that it is time the potential of supply chain finance was ‘unlocked’ to meet the real needs of mid-tier firms and their small to medium suppliers.

About us

What happens when high street banks shrink their balance sheets and large corporate customers aggressively tighten payment terms? An SME funding crisis develops that is currently estimated at £64 billion. At Woodsford Tradebridge, we believe passionately that Supply Chain Finance programs are part of the solution. The problem is, until now, bank funded programs are only been available to the big boys, like Rolls Royce, GSK and Vodaphone. By leveraging private sources of capital we are able to provide SCF programs to well run ‘mid-tier’ companies which are often ignored by the mainstream banks. Tradebridge SCF programs are able to provide an important new source of working capital for SME suppliers, at attractive rates, especially in industries that often struggle to attract any finance.

Why are we exciting?

Tradebridge are a well funded start-up, backed by a group of successful investors and proud to be part of the 'fintech revolution' challenging the way business banking is done.
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