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We are the world's first global CEO confidants. Our dream is to build a new generation of businesses that win in the right way. 


London, United Kingdom

6 Feb 2014

Opportunity has expired

Compensation details:
Competitive, but looking for some skin in the game. Substantial earnings with potential equity upside in the medium term, depending on results.

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Professional Services
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Exciting Brand
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Entrepreneurial Business Builder

Special opportunity for an entrepreneurial rising star to join a global high growth pioneering business focused on working with top CEOs.

London, United Kingdom

Applicants are required to hold the relevant Visas/Work Permits

Compensation details:
Competitive, but looking for some skin in the game. Substantial earnings with potential equity upside in the medium term, depending on results.

Job Type:
Senior Level
Escape Factors:
Exciting Brand
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Xinfu is mandarin for “trusted friend and expert confidant “, which is the role we play with our clients. We are the world's first global CEO confidants.

Core business: Global CEO confidants and leadership advisory

We work with top CEOs and their leadership teams to build a new generation of businesses that win in the right way. We are proud to be working as CEO confidants to over a dozen FTSE100 CEOs and boards from our offices in London and Beijing.

Xinfu own ventures: we are entrepreneurs and risk takers and are building our own businesses that are connected to CEOs and we are often the bridge between China and the West.

Xinfu corporate ventures and advisory: we generate big ideas with our CEOs on new business development and are involved in brokering/structuring and early stage incubation of these ideas/businesses.

About us:  we believe there is a better way to lead global companies than the way it is done today and believe we can create more truly global companies; companies that are entrepreneurial risk takers and less bureaucratic institutions where people play their part and care about the company.

We are doers and confidants, not advisors and are actively shaping the CEO agenda globally with books, events, on- and offline media and speaking platforms.

Rising Star Business Builder and Consultant

This is a one-time opportunity for an exceptionally talented individual to make an impact building Xinfu and taking ventures to the next level.  

You will work on all aspects, including:

  • Client business development: developing key business and leadership insights and points of view on potential new clients
  • Client delivery: delivering and supporting confidant programmes and events for our CEO and board clients
  • Developing content: developing our books, TV programmes, media articles and speaking appearances
  • World of CEOs: help us develop and scale – the place to learn about, connect with and become a better CEO
  • Play a central role in shaping Xinfu and our ventures
  • Pitch in with all aspects of a high growth, entrepreneurial business.

The Candidateyour path so far:

High flyer? You may be on the conventional “high potential” path: a top degree, 2-4 years of corporate and/or perhaps experience of a start up. But – you are not satisfied. You still haven’t found the right path.

Unconventional? Or you might not have taken a typical career path at all: certainly haven’t found a path and feel that you are not even close to fulfilling your potential.

To be our rising star, you will have the following Xinfu DNA:

  • Exceptional commercial talent with some tangible signs of exceptional performance and success
  • Smart, natural ability with strong intuition on business strategies, systems and cultures
  • Frustrated with the business environments you have worked in; you can't understand why businesses are generally poorly led
  • Refuse to accept convention - believe “there’s always a way” and are relentlessly determined
  • Hard working and wanting to commit to a cause
  • Team player with a voice
  • Ability to frame and simplify complex issues
  • Massively positive attitude with high energy
  • Intense in your execution, yet light hearted in your style
  • Have unquestionable integrity
  • Bright; education and life experience in equal measure
  • Take responsibility and be outcome focussed
  • Demonstrates entrepreneurial mindset

…plus you are high performing, successful, ambitious and willing to earn your stripes…

This opportunity has expired
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