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London & Beijing, United Kingdom

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We are the world's first global CEO confidants. Our dream is to build a new generation of businesses that win in the right way. 

About us

We are the world's first global CEO confidants.

We believe there is a better way to lead global companies than how it is done today. 

We believe that we can create more truly global companies; companies that are entrepreneurial risk takers and less bureaucratic institutions where people play their park and care about the company.

We believe that not one person has all the answers and that a sustainable company can only be built in fellowship where super talented people work together with trust, belief in each other and care for the company they work for.

We are a bridge between the China and the West, creating cross-border partnerships, helping deploy Chinese capital in the west, and help build global management teams and boards.

We are doers and confidants, not advisers and are actively shaping the CEO agenda globally with books, events, on- and offline media, speaking platforms.

We believe...

...that most businesses

- Are boring, stifling places to live and work in

- Underperform for their shareholders

- Don't make the full and valuable contribution to their communities they could. 

Today, working every day with the best Western and Eastern CEOs, we believe we can now help any capable CEO to create a new way that delivers sustainable outperformance in their business.

What can we offer Escapees?

Chance to work with the best CEOs and CEO practitioners in the world across the world.
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