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Yalelo Limited

Yalelo Limited

Yalelo Limited

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Yalelo Limited

Lusaka, Zambia

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We are profitably implementing and scaling commercial aquaculture as a long-term solution to malnourishment.


Yalelo is the leading producer of fresh tilapia fish in Zambia. Fish is in chronic undersupply in Zambia and surrounding countries due to a long period of booming consumption which has depleted natural stocks. Consumers have turned to expensive frozen imports but would quickly switch to a fresh local brand. Yalelo has assembled a world-class local management team, experienced in aquaculture. 

About Us

Yalelo is a proudly Zambian company dedicated to improving national food security, building livelihoods and promoting sustainable development.   We achieve this by implementing and scaling sustainable aquaculture as a long-term solution to malnourishment.

Our vision is to lead Zambia in becoming once again a regional powerhouse in fish production, by sustainably developing its abundant fisheries resources.  This requires us to be the recognised performance leader of the African aquaculture industry. Being a performance leader means we will achieve operational excellence, strong community support and industry-leading customer satisfaction.

We are currently expanding our inaugural production site on Lake Kariba towards an annual output target of 7,000 tonnes of fresh tilapia fish.  Our operations in Siavonga currently employ 70 local staff from vulnerable groups, which is expected to grow to 200 during 2013.


Zambia is endowed with 40% of all surface freshwater in Southern Africa.  This resource had historically provided Zambia with a robust and reliable supply of Tilapia fish.  In turn national diets were enhanced and fishing communities thrived.

Tragically, fish is in chronic undersupply in Zambia and surrounding countries due to a long period of over-fishing which has depleted natural stocks.  Currently the majority of urban fish supply must come from expensive frozen Chinese imports.  As a result, consumption has fallen from 12.1kg per capita in 1970 to 6.1kg per capita today and re-sellers often complain of not being able to source supply, regardless of price.

Yalelo’s world-class, local management team are now setting new standards for sustainable aquaculture fish production in Sub-Saharan Africa.  Yalelo’s solution is environmentally, socially and economically sustainable.   Implementing international best-practice, we can use existing resources efficiently without burdening local waterways or the wild fish stock.

In ponds on land we breed adult fish to produce baby fish, called fingerlings.  When the fingerlings grow to 5 grams they are taken to large floating nets  in Lake Kariba.  These nets are 25 meters across and 6 meters deep, allowing the fish plenty of room to grow.  Our floating nets use the same design as salmon aquaculture from the Atlantic Ocean, minimising the risk of damage or escape. We feed our fish soybean-based food pellets 3-5 times per day to compliment the natural food supply.  After 5-6 months the fish have grown to 350 grams, at which point they are harvested, cleaned, placed on ice and transported to market in refrigerated trucks.

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