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London, United Kingdom

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Year Here is where brilliant grads get serious about making society better.

About us

Year Here is an award-winning social enterprise dedicated to developing the next generation of social leaders.

We live in a society facing tough social problems – from the isolation of older people to stubbornly persistent social inequalities. These challenges are often highly complex and the solutions seem elusive.

We believe that the answer starts with people.

So, we identify great people, apply them to the toughest challenges in society and create the conditions for them to develop a deep appreciation of the lives of their fellow citizens, be courageous in their approach to change, and develop the ability to design effective solutions – whether they achieve that through politics, business, charity or social enterprise.

As well as driving long-term change through better leadership, we aim for serious impact in the here and now. Launched at No.10 Downing Street, Year Here brings manpower and creativity to critical public and social services, directly affecting the lives of some of the most marginalised people in London.

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Our Mission

The UK faces tough social problems. Thousands of older people are living lonely and isolated lives, youth unemployment has reached record levels and the gulf between the haves and the have nots looks wider than ever.

Changing this picture is very difficult.

To make change a real possibility, we need to bring more manpower and energy to frontline services – like schools that give children from troubled backgrounds the support to succeed in education and beyond, or care homes that give isolated older people the opportunity to live a dignified and fulfilling life. We also need to invest in a new generation of social leaders such that they are able to drive social change with ever-increasing levels of ambition, focus and impact.

We exist to do just this: to bring the energy, creativity and resourcefulness of bright young people to bear on society’s toughest problems; and to inspire a generation who are fired up about social issues and equipped with the skills, insight and ambition to turn their passion into real social change.

Year Here is focussed on three challenges for British society that fellows work on through their Frontline Service Placement and Social Entrepreneurship Project:

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