From idea to launch

Check out the emerging businesses from our latest London Escapees

This week our January-April 2017 cohort of brand new entrepreneurs graduated from the Escape School, here’s what their ideas have grown into after their 12-week Escape experience:

Martin & Alexei
Idea: Buy art from airbnbs
Site: Airiginals

Idea: Digital mag for interiors & renovation
Site: The Idealist

Idea: Perfume subscription: hard-to-find niche fragrances delivered to you monthly
Site: Chemical Poetry Club
Help: Share my posts. Spread the word. Help build the community.

Idea: The best chimichurri sauce around!
Site: Cantina Eats

Idea: Beautiful crafts out of waste materials
Site: Next Cycle

Idea: Downloadable GPS routes that optimise for driving pleasure
Site: Drive Mecca
Help: If you have driven a route that you love send me the directions.

Idea: 13,000 metres in 14 days, 3 peaks. 1 pioneering mission
Site: Three Peaks of Africa

Idea: Uniting waste re/upcycling players to empower poor communities in Asia to lift themselves out of poverty
Site: Ministry of Waste

Idea: London vegan community
Site: Kindred Vegan

Idea: Killing off dull Corporate Training through an Inspiring Learning Community
Status: Running a creativity workshop based on improvised comedy principles for corporate clients

Idea: Swap one meal out, for one amazing meal in with a local when travelling to a new country
Site: Taste the Place

Idea: Unlocking the potential of run down London properties
Status: 1 property completed with £60k upside for owner. 2nd property underway.

Idea: Gogglebox for the news
Site: What U Think

Idea: Wash & Glow > Shower filters to keep the dirt out of your shower and your hair.
Status: Product developed, 44 sign ups and 13 orders (after 2 weeks)

Idea: Kombucha Hut
Status: Selling at market stalls

Got an idea of your own you’d like to test? Apply to join our next 3 month ‘Idea Accelerator‘ starting May 24th, 2017

More ideas launched from The Escape School:

Got an idea of your own you’d like to test? Apply to join our next 3 month ‘Idea Accelerator‘ starting May 24th, 2017

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