5 minutes with: Felicity Emmett, Infraspeak's UK Country Manager

“Be the source of Good Life” That’s the vision of Infraspeak, who build user-focused tech solutions to help people manage their assets simply.

InfraspeakWe first found out about Infraspeak through watching a YouTube video where their team plays a gang of zombies invading the dreams of a regular technician. It was one of the most original and funny examples of team-bonding that we’ve ever seen!

Following this, we invited them to take part in Escape 100: Best Companies To Escape To campaign, where their incredible work culture – as reviewed by their own employees – saw them end up as winners! We spoke to one of the team to hear more…

Hello! Who are you and what’s your role at Infraspeak?

I’m Felicity Emmett, Country Manager for the UK.  

In one sentence, what inspired you to join Infraspeak?

It’s a startup at an early stage, but with a product that is relevant for every single building all over the world – so: small company, huge potential! 

What did you do before moving to Infraspeak?

I worked for an Innovation and Strategy consultancy, designing and building new businesses for big multinationals. Essentially, I got to make startups on someone else’s bank account. 

Is the job how you thought it would be before you started?

I knew it was going to be a very varied and challenging job – I opened up the UK market for Infraspeak, following our successes in Portugal and Brazil. The job keeps on changing as the market grows and demands attention in every single functional area. I don’t think I could envisage the reality of what that meant, but it’s certainly been the exciting challenge I imagined. 

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In The Escape 100 campaign, Infraspeak achieved a perfect score for Workplace Culture. What is it that makes Infraspeak’s culture stand out from conventional companies?

We are all busy, but there is no-one in the company too busy to pay attention to the culture, the environment we work in and the people around. We have a goal to be the source of a good life, not just for our customers but for our team, and everything we do aims to reflect that – it’s as much a part of the goal as growth and revenue.

I think that’s where many of the companies in The Escape 100 list differ from conventional companies – they are not solely focused on profits, at the cost of culture or impact. 

What is the best job perk at Infraspeak?

It’s hard to choose! We can work flexibly, which comes as a result of trust and a shared vision – this is very liberating.  

… and what do you enjoy most about your job?

I really enjoy being able to make a difference to our customers’ day to day lives – we work with facilities managers and maintenance teams, who are so often overlooked. It feels great to give some attention and support to people who are deserving, but sometimes invisible to others.

What personal characteristics are important to have for your job?

A lot of self-determination and drive – building a team in a new market, especially the UK, is a challenge and requires a lot of grit. You must remind yourself daily about the vision and remember why you’re doing all the hard work, then you know that it’s all worth it! 

What is the best career advice you’ve ever received?

Don’t be afraid to make a change. Don’t focus on the doors it might close – careers are non-linear and you never know what other doors might open. 

In 5 words, why should people make a career change?

Seek happiness, don’t wait passively.

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Infraspeak develops the most efficient, flexible and user-friendly software to excel at facility and asset management. Check out their Escape 100 company profile page to find out more about the organisation and its culture.

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