Ten priceless gifts that keep on giving

Replace materialism with meaning this Christmas and give these priceless gifts to both yourself and the people around you.

With this year being filled with economic, political and environmental problems, many of us are feeling tired and uncertain.

Constantly desiring the latest iPhone or designer outfit does not enable you to live a more prosperous or complete life.

We hope these gift ideas stimulate you to look at ways you can gift yourself and your loved ones differently this year.

1. The Gift of Patience

A meaningful transition takes a long time. Be kind to yourself, be patient with yourself. This is a hard gift to accept.

2. The Gift of Perspective

The things that feel possible when you’re in the right headspace. Get into your body; give yourself headspace and connect with a moment of possibility.

3. The Gift of Persuasion

More often than not, things are up for debate if you can demonstrate value to the other person. The conviction to keep going, to try a different way and to dare to demonstrate your own value will create new opportunities for you.

4. The Gift of Abundance

You have many possible paths within you, and they don’t live in the form of “A Passion”, they live in the form of curiosities and interests. Let yourself cultivate those, and you’ll see that things grow. Which books do you want to pick up, articles in the paper, how do you feel like spending a free afternoon? Where do you lose track of time?

5. The gift of Connection

What makes for a meaningful, fulfilled life is connection. That’s also what helps us to move forward when it’s tough, celebrate our wins, mourn our losses. Lean into it.

6. The gift of Trust

Trust the process. Plan your finances well, test things out in small pieces so that we get information before we invest lots of time or money, and trust that if we follow our own energy, it will move us in the right direction.

7. The Gift of Time

No matter what stage of life you’re at, a career change is possible and that there is always enough time. It can be helpful to look at how much of your working life you have left and to really think of it in terms of years. Do you want to use X years doing the same thing?

8. The Gift of Possibility

Careers are made up of people with lots of skills and these can be used to do different kinds of things. If you’re a teacher, you might be really good at making difficult information easy to digest and there are lots of places that will find that skill useful. You carry within you the seeds of many possibilities and building blocks.

9. The Gift of Peace

Give yourself peace of mind by planning for the unknown. If you hope for a career transition, look at your non-negotiables and this will give you clarity when taking a leap. Stepping away from a linear, traditional career can involve a lot of tradeoffs, are you at peace with that?

10. The Gift That Keeps on Giving

Do, do, do. Action moves you forwards, not thinking. Interact with the world – the more you speak your truth and curiosities to people, the more opportunities will come up for you.

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