24 top tips to making a brave career change


Do you want to escape from unfulfilling work? Are you craving freedom, passion, autonomy? Feeling a need to be more connected to your work and lead a more meaningful life?

If so, you’re not alone! At Escape The City, we have helped thousands of people build 21st Century Careers, built on their terms, not someone else’s. 

We’ve recently kicked off our New Year Escape programmes to help a group of ambitious individuals make a career change or start an entrepreneurial venture. We asked Escape Alumni, people that have already made a brave escape, to share their insights with the new cohort of Escapees. 

We thought they were too good not to share and by doing so, we aim to inspire more people to do work they love.

Starting a business:

Don’t fall in love with your solution too soon. Obsess about the problem and what your customers need. Check the business and lifestyle it gives you is aligned to your own values and lifestyle goals. Make the time however small to work on your idea consistently – find a rhythm to make small progress often.” Stacey.

“Rather than focusing on a perfect idea, focus on the skillsets you don’t currently have and would like to develop. You can always pivot later.” Joppe

Don’t take too long thinking about starting – get going with your idea, see if it works, fail fast and move on if needed.” Alexei

“Deep breath, and try and sit with the ideas.” Alex

“Take your time to really, deeply, consider what success looks like to you…and not everyone else.” Michelle

Embrace it – take your time and try whatever you feel is right at the time. This is a journey and everything you think, feel and learn is OK. Be open and honest with yourself and others – share. It’s okay not to be okay. Enjoy, and always remember what you have started this journey for!” Daniel

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Making a career change:

“Take a deep breath and throw yourself headfirst into the process. Be open, be vulnerable and be engaged. It may be overwhelming and even scary at times but you are in good hands and it’s so worth it!” Joseph.

Don’t focus on there being an “outcome” of some sort at the end. Career change won’t happen in just 12 weeks, and some of the most useful insights/skills might not become apparent until much later. Above all – embrace a growth mindset!” Paul.

“Remember that it’s not about getting a job, it’s about figuring out what sort of life/job you want and how you can get there.” Alex

Put in as much time and effort as you can, but don’t stress if you’re not able to do as much as you’d like – the course is just the start of the journey, and what you learn and the people you meet will be with you forever.” Mark

Use it as a set of tools for the future. Take action but also use the time to reflect on your whole life and not just your career. Also it’s ok to try something and learn it’s totally NOT what you want! Use the group for support and don’t be afraid to open up, the consequences of doing so will be tough, but worth it.” Jessica

Dream big and take your time” Joey

Become the Tribe. Act first, think later. Commit to making changes. Embrace the suck but celebrate the wins, however little.” Dave

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Get out of your comfort zone:

Fear is just a doorway. And on the other side of it is awesomeness you could never have imagined!” Rhiannon

“The more you are prepared to step out of your comfort zone the further you are going to get and the more successful you are going to be!” Viktoria

The bigger the ambition, the more chance of success!” Joppe

Don’t feel pressured if you feel like others are making more progress than you. Take small steps. Take your time. Trust that transformation is happening.” Joey

Get comfortable with living in the uncomfortable zone. Also, don’t expect perfection early on. Better to get started, even if it’s crap… you’ll learn from ‘doing’ and eventually things will start to look great!” Alexei

Be prepared to put in the work.” Hershil

“You get what you give!” Vicky

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Making valuable connections:

“Look around the room at who’s with you there. The person who you might need could be sitting next to you, or they could know the person you need. Learning from others is an incredibly transformational experience and the tribe is there with you!” Margaret

Make connections, learn from others, they will be your support network for a long time afterwards. The key thing is to build skills that you can use for now and the future, you don’t have to figure it all out now or have the right answer. You might even go through the process more times in the future.” Christina

The network is so valuable, and the journey really starts at the end of the course.” Natasha

Hold the silence for each other.” Sarah

If these escape tips have inspired you to make a career change:

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