Getting your business ready for coronavirus

The people in business (and life) who succeed are those best able to deal with challenging and uncertain situations. Learning to ride the waves is incredibly important as we face the future. What makes this less daunting is doing it together. Community and solidarity become more important than ever and gives us the boost we need to get through uncertain times.

Navigating uncertainty, choosing resilience in the face of adversity, being creative in your endeavours and de-risking yourself and your business so that you’re always in a position to be adaptable and agile. These attributes and learnings are a pivotal part of successful businesses that can survive circumstances such as the one we face today.

Skye Robertson (COO of Escape The City) Ben Keene (Founder of Rebel Book Club) and Stacey Lowman (Founder of Pachira Money) talk about how they are preparing for the disruption of Coronavirus, and the things you should be thinking about with your own business to get ready for whatever comes next.

The video covers:

  • Financial projections: managing cashflow and accessing funds
  • Team support: making any changes or dealing with redundancies
  • Sales: Pivoting your marketing and being nimble in your offering
  • Mindset: Keeping positive and calm 

Watch the video in full here:

Resources and Links mentioned in the video

  • Apply for Universal credit.
  • Apply for a reduction in council tax.
  • Call the Corona virus small business helpline 0300 456 3565
  • Check if you’re eligible for small business rate relief here.
  • Guidance from the UK Government on Covid-19 for businesses
  • Tools for remote events + meetings: Zoom, Whereby, Virbela (like the Sims + Zoom in one!), Blue Jeans, Hop into
  • Blog by Seth Godin on adapting offline meetings and events to an online environment.

Please email if you want to talk through anything discussed in this webinar. We’re here to help.

Let’s keep supporting each other and we’ll get through it together, whatever that looks like.

Sending solidarity from the whole Escape team.

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