19 Wonderful Business Responses to COVID-19


The world is changing. Faster and more suddenly than any of us saw coming. We are in a shared battle against COVID-19. Yet even with such uncertainty, it has not stopped innovative organisations from taking action right away.

Pivoting by the day. Doing what they can. Helping where they can. Locally, nationally and globally. 

Growth through acts of generosity could truly define companies at this crucial juncture. We’ve picked out 19 wonderful business responses to COVID-19 spotted over the past few weeks…

1. BrewDog

Hand sanitiser was one of the first items to disappear from our shop shelves as panic took hold.

Who’d have thought a brewery would provide one of the best business responses to COVID-19?

BrewDog quickly adapted their Scottish brewery to solve the problem by working on a free “punk sanitiser brewgel” 💙

business responses to COVID-19 brewgel

2. Bumble

Online dating facilitators Bumble are using their brand reach and funds to offer support to small businesses in need. 

Until 5th April, small business owners can submit a request to receive up to £5k.

We’re swiping right for this one 💛 🐝

business responses to COVID-19 bumble

3. Crosstown 

London-based sourdough doughnut connoisseurs Crosstown Doughnuts are partnering with industry friends to get artisan food packs to people in need.

Check out their #OperationDoughnation campaign and donate some doughnut love to the deserving here 🍩

business responses to COVID-19 crosstown

4. Fat Macy’s 

Fat Macy’s train aspiring chefs to serve up food with heart, creating a recipe that helps young Londoners make the journey from hostel to home.

They’ve teamed up with some of our favourite employers – Toast Ale, Rubies in the Rubble and Luminary Bakery – to put together Coronavirus Care Packages.

Teamwork at its best! 🤝

fat macys

5. Positive News 

Panic – although sometimes inevitable – is rarely constructive. It’s important to get your news from a trusted source at times like these, but it can also be worth seeking out a more uplifting take on what we’re experiencing.

Take a look at Positive News and 10 ways to help others during the Coronavirus outbreak.

Stay informed, stay positive 🗞️

business responses to COVID-19 positive_news

6. Bloom & Wild

CEO Aron Gelbard is being extremely candid with the Bloom & Wild community by publicly acknowledging that although flowers are not a necessity, they can certainly be uplifting. 

You can nominate a key worker to win free flowers. They are randomly selecting 10 every week! Nominate now.

Bringing the sunshine inside 💐

bloom and wild

7. Ocado 

Ocado is one of the companies who have seen a surge in demand for their service recently.

Amongst their many business responses to COVID-19, they have opened up the possibility of redeployment for under-utilised employees. Fill out this form.

Their message? We’re in it Together 🧡

business responses to COVID-19 ocado

8. Headspace

Headspace are passionate about helping people learn to meditate and live mindfully.

They’ve created a free selection of meditation, sleep, and other experiences designed to support people during the outbreak. It can be found in the Explore tab of the Weathering the Storm category.

Their offering also includes a “Panicking SOS session”🧘‍♀️🧡🧘🏻‍♂️

business responses to COVID-19 headspace

9. Coursera

Leading online learning experts Coursera are helping their community get properly clued-up on Coronavirus. If you want to understand the science behind the most pressing questions that people are asking, find out more here.

They also have Yale’s most popular class (ever) available for free.

… And the topic is How to Be Happier in your Daily Life ☺️

business responses to COVID-19 coursera

10. Vita Coco 

Number 10 in our wonderful business responses to COVID-19 – Vita Coco have been working around the clock to get coconut water out to UK NHS staff and other workers on their feet.

Follow them on Instagram at @VitaCocoEu for their updates 🥥

business responses to COVID-19 vita coco

11. Rebel Kitchen

In a similar vein, our friends at Rebel Kitchen are donating 14,000 Mylk shakes.

There is nothing rebellious about this act of good… 🥛🥛🥛

business responses to COVID-19 rebel kitchen

12. Enterprise Nation

Enterprise Nation is keeping business owners updated of government moves, support schemes, and pro-active advice on how to keep trading through the pandemic. Visit their Coronavirus Business Support Hub here.

Founder Emma Jones has also launched a Pay It Forward campaign in partnership with Crowdfunder to enable small businesses to fundraise during this crisis ⏩

enterprise nation

13. Action for Happiness

Action for Happiness has come up with one of the most creative business responses to COVID-19: a Coping Calendar.

Keep calm. Stay wise. Be Kind. 🧡

coping calendar

14. Bankuet

Food banks across the country are struggling to help those in need.

Emerging business Bankuet is here to help you donate food to those who need it in just a few clicks, without leaving your house 🥫


15. Nice Drinks

The team at Nice Drinks are totally in awe of nurses and the whole NHS right now. They’ve been sending free cases of wine out to friends/family of their community that work in the NHS.

For everyone else in isolation, use the code NICELIKETHAT to get 20% off 👩‍⚕️🍷

business responses to COVID-19 nice drinks

16. AimHi

Matthew Shribman and his new band of experienced tutors are offering interactive, free (online) science and maths lessons. Check them out here.

Let’s keep education going 🎓


17. Made Open 

Tech-sperts Made Open have created a free platform for all UK communities called Communities Together.

The aim is to help people who are self-isolating access support and stay connected safely.

They want to get people online now – join them 👫

communities together

18. Maanch

Maanch is a global impact platform facilitating funding to worthy projects using the lens of the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

They have launched the CoronaVirus Response Fund to support different initiatives run by organisations locally and globally to overcome the effect of the pandemic 💰


19. B Corp UK

Escape is proud to be a part of the growing B Corp community, with the commitment to make business a force for good.

They’ve put out an article highlighting 10 Ways for Individuals to Take Action During the COVID-19 Crisis.

“In these challenging times, we need communities to come together” 🌎

b corp

Take care,

Jim & The Escape Team 💙

“Everything can be taken from us but one thing: the freedom to choose our attitude in any given set of circumstances.” Victor Frankl 

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