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Returning to London in Autumn 2017
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Looking for a new job – but want to do something a bit… different?

Job hunting can be a real drag. It’s hard to know what an organisation is really looking for – and what it’s really like to work there.

That’s why we created the Alternative Careers Festival. A job fair – but not as you know it.

Forget roller banners and dodgy keyrings. This is about connecting with genuinely interesting, progressive organisations, and learning what you need to know to successfully land your next role in the changing world of work.

Some of the amazing organisations who joined us last time:

A global community for makers and crafters everywhere. 


A community who put purpose before profit, working with organisations that care.

The world’s leading marketplace for retail space, connecting brands, entrepreneurs & creatives.

Dedicated to safeguarding ecosystems and supporting marginalised communities.

The UK’s leading provider of electric vehicle charging.

Born out of a need to redefine health, the way we make food and how food businesses operate.


“Really enjoyed having a consistent flow of people to talk to, certainly better then any other show I’ve been to.”

Chris (hiring for Class Careers)
Has since successfully hired someone he met at the Alternative Careers Festival



“I thought it was brilliant and a really nice relaxed vibe that made the whole unnatural “selling yourself” thing a lot easier to take on! I thought the mixture of talks/workshops and milling around meeting employers was perfect.”

Emily (escapee)


“There was a stream of interesting people, and a great atmosphere! I loved the aesthetic too, it felt more authentic and human than regular recruitment events.”

Maria (hiring for Monzo)


“I liked that all the participants were smaller-sized companies from a wide range of industries (personal finance, travel, arts/crafts, etc.). It was also nice to have talks scheduled throughout the day because it gave you a nice breather in between talking to people.”

Allen (escapee)


“We had a great time and feel that it was a very beneficial day for our company. We look forward to participating next time again.”

Ari (hiring for On Purpose)


“I enjoyed the chance to speak to inspiring companies! It was motivating as most were hiring for so many positions.”

Alexa (escapee)

Looking for an exciting new job, or to hire your next awesome employee?

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