21st Century career rebels changing the world for the better.
Ideas we’ve helped launch

Pippa escaped production at The Science Museum to found Pip & Nut – naturally nutritious nut butters made from just roasted nuts and a sprinkling of sea salt.

Stocked in 2500+ UK stores with £3m annual revenue.

Charlie escaped recruitment to found Moju – a juice brand on a mission to inspire a new generation of healthier, happier people by making accessible, great-tasting juice in the healthiest way possible.

Stocked in Harrods, Waitrose and more.

David and Anthony escaped management consultancy to found Stashbee – A community marketplace where you can book secure storage space in the homes, lofts and garages of trusted Storage Hosts.

Now the 6th largest storage company in the UK.

Deepak escaped Investment Banking Consultancy to found Oddbox – London’s only Social Enterprise delivering wonky fruit & veg boxes to homes & offices, fighting food waste and helping local growers.

1,000 customers receiving weekly veg deliveries across London.

Joppe escaped Fintech sales to launch Routine Adventures and Generation AMZ – One is a children’s storytelling platform, the other is a Amazon advisory business.

Published successful children’s book about cleaning teeth ‘What’s that Smell?’

Claudia escaped banking to set up a sustainable beauty company – Secured a place on a beauty business hackathon to develop her zero waste travel beauty products business.

Has now joined Accelerator, Sustainable Ventures.

Camilla escaped her career in advertising by setting up Lilla Rugs – An online boutique for bespoke, handmade rugs, all Fairtrade and produced by talented craftspeople around the world.

Featured in ITV, British Vogue, the Daily Telegraph and more.

Dicky escaped life as a surveyor to set up Morse Toad – A confectionary-card service creating unique personalised chocolate gifts for friends and family.

717 ‘excellent’ ratings on Trustpilot.

Adela escaped Management Consultancy to found Style LyricalA stylist service which takes the headache out of clothes shopping and deliver 3 beautiful handpicked outfits, to your door.

10 fashion label partners.

Paola founded Noi Club alongside her corporate marketing career – Noi Club is a community of female achievers who regularly meet to champion each other and move forward together.

100 female empowerment events held in London.

Sanne escaped banking and sales & marketing to Co-Found FRAEMd – an online platform where your taste is matched with affordable and original art.

Featured in Elle, Marie Claire, Bazaar, TNW.

Armin escaped accountancy to found Vitamin Buddy – a vitamin subscription service based on personalised supplement plans with high quality vitamins.

1000 monthly subscriptions.

Sophie escaped management at Avis to found Mindset Shift Summit – A 4-day online summit aimed at connecting mums around purposeful careers and rebuilding their confidence.

Over 30 books published by Summit speakers.

Jonny escaped product design to launch 20StartupsA mission to launch 20 businesses in one year to maximise experimentation and fast-track learning.

8 startups underway in first 6 months of 2019.

Brian escaped procurement to launch East London Sauce Company – A hot sauce business that will help him gain valuable food industry experience.

Launched at Peckham Hot Sauce festival.

Helen escaped business management to start Davy J –  A swimwear brand committed to sustainability, using ghost fishing nets to create robust, stylish and ethical beach fashion.

Uses 100% regenerated nylon from ghost fishing nets.

Billie escaped corporate sales to start Ferly –A groundbreaking app offering guidance to, and promoting sexual self-care for, women around the world.

Featured in The Guardian, the Evening Standard and Elle.

Joe escaped consultancy to start Thrift+– A platform bringing charity shopping online, letting people get great quality, used clothes delivered straight to their door, while giving money to charity.

Received a recent donation worth £500,000.

Sarah escaped the Retail industry to start Succulence – A green-fingered company bringing beautiful, low-maintenance plants to London’s dreary offices.

Selling in shop space in Covent Garden.

JP & Arthur escaped corporate jobs in finace and property to found Deskmate – An initiative answering the call for standing desks through the creation of affordable, fun, pop-up desks.

Over 1,500 desks sold.

Claire escaped project management to set up Lazy Flora – A monthly subscription service sending out curated collections of indoor and outdoor plants to jazz up homes and offices.

+60% month-on-month revenue growth.

Henry escaped management at Deloitte to found Uganda Marathon – An organisation providing a range of annual long-distance running events, with profits going to community projects in Uganda.

One of Red Bull’s 9 Best Marathons in the World.

Suresh launched enterpriseredi – A chatbot development platform creating chatbots with personality.

Building bots across SMS, Slack, and messenger.

Kat founded Nude Nutrition while working as a Weight Management Specialist – Nude offers tailored ‘Intuitive Eating’ solutions to help people reach their happiest and healthiest self.

Featured in Women’s Health, new! and TOTM.

Oli escaped the corporate grind at HSBC to establish Moneycado – A financial service dedicated to making it fun to save money for your next trip.

5 star rating on the App Store.

Alex and Jack escaped sales management to found Dash Water – A soft-drinks company infusing wonky fruit and veg in sparkling water to create healthy, ethical and unique beverages.

Stocked by Selfridges, Sainsbury’s, and Wholefoods.

Ranj launched Copy & Code – A copywriting and coding agency helping social enterprises and non-profits to grow and better engage their customers through better storytelling.

Dann escaped corporate finance to start Fountain.Money – A wealth management service using modern tech to make it easy for people to get financial investment advice in a quick, human way.

Seen in Forbes, Now This and TechHub.

Martine escaped accountancy to found Strategic Relationships & Networks – A consultancy committed to helping organisations to develop and engage with – their alumni network.

Featured speaker at the World Talent Forum in Munich in 2018.

Samantha escaped life as a communications manager to create Ministry of Waste – A social enterprise cleaning up the oceans and beaches of disadvantaged communities and generating revenue for them.

Part of the University of Cambridge’s ‘Social Ventures’ programme.

Charlotte escaped software engineering to launch Quirkey A virtual peer to peer mentoring platform that facilitates collaborative problem solving.

Entrepreneur in residence at Zinc.

Katy set up RideClean after a surprise redundancy – A mobile bike cleaning and servicing company working across London.

Recognised as one of the top 100 women in cycling in 2019 by Cycling UK.

Usman escaped marketing at an IT company to set up TriPakistan – An endurance event designed to combine sport with adventure, boosting domestic and international tourism in the process.

Partners include CORE and Expedition Asia.

Charlotte escaped employment as a content producer to found Twenty Mile Club – A network by twentysomethings for twentysomethings, producing a range of content including articles and interviews.

Over 50k website views.

Fede escaped operations to open up The Mood Club – An online store and blog offering advice and practical activities to help mums develop their self-care habits with ‘Mood Cards’.

Already collaborating with 5 London boutiques.

Marie founded Three Peaks Africa – A once-in-a-lifetime adventure allowing participants to scale 3 of Africa’s greatest mountains in just 2 weeks.

In partnership with the Water-to-Go filtration system.


Stacey escaped investment management to start Pachira Money – An money coaching service on a mission to redefine what it means to be good with money.

Completed The 100 Day Project to develop her coaching practice.

Marc escaped consultancy to found KeyNest – An innovative system to help keep track of keys for the short-term lettings companies like AirBnb.

Over 1,500 key exchange locations across Europe.

James escaped business strategy to make a splash with his company SETT Surf – A skincare range which is good for the environment and the body, created especially for surfers.

Crowdfunded by 164 backers on Kickstarter.

Paul escaped the armed forces to start Winchester Sustainable Business Community – An independent consultancy helping companies in Winchester become environmentally sustainable through cultural and strategic change.

Featured in The Ripple Effect podcast and Studio Republic.

Tash escaped project management to start-up Light Style SpaceA decluttering consultancy which enables people to give away or sell all their ‘unnecessaries’ to good places.

Launched sustainabile living community And The Future? alongside consultancy.

Duncan escaped working as a strategy consultant to set up MindSights – A startup building cutting-edge AI tech to support individuals and businesses in development and upskilling.

Launched first TechGym study club.

Sallee founded #TEAMTALL alongside her business & brand consultancy career – #TEAMTALL is a supportive global community for tall women with over 6000 members.

Featured in The Telegraph, Good Housekeeping and Bustle

Margot escaped business development to begin YourMind – A platform connecting people in need to trained, hand-picked therapists via Skype.

Worked with innocent, Made.com and University of Oxford.

Varun set up Unhoused while working at Hubble – It’s a ‘buy-one-give-one’ style online shop where donated items go to help homeless people.

Spotlighted in Time Out London, Yahoo! News and The Independent.

Olu founded RenterBuyer alongside his job at Lloyd’s Bank – A service making it possible for anyone to own their home gradually, in monthly instalments, without the need for a mortgage.

Grown to a senior team of 4.

Dayana escaped property management to launch Ferratelle D’OroA traditional Italian biscuit brand.

Opened cafe premises in Stoke Newington.

Nancy established Umbrella Analytics while working in publishing – It’s a company employing AI to overcome corporate bias and provide equality of opportunity at work.

Launched a predictive analytics model and exhibited at Unleash HR.

Andrew escaped corporate development to launch AkoraA community living and working space focused on wellness

Opened the first location in Madrid.

Gareth escaped a career as a business analyst to start Galago JoeA colourful male swimwear brand that donated 10% of profits to animal charities around the world.

Featured in Sunday Express magazine.

Madoc started Secret Adventures whilst mentoring young people – It’s an initiative providing adventures and team building events in London and beyond.

Celebrated in the Metro, The Guardian and Esquire.

Carolyn launched Handmade MysteriesImmersive escape rooms and outdoor games. 

Launched 7 locations across London and Brighton. 

Careers we’ve helped shift

Luzana escaped Geology in the Oil & Gas industry to work in communications – joining Entrepreneur First to support on their content and communications strategy.

Bhavik shifted his role to set up a mental health initiative – Bhavik looked within his existing organisation and set up a mental health charter and programme to break the stigma of mental health.

Lamia escaped management consulting and is now illustrating a children’s book, pursuing her passions and making waves.

Joe escaped life as a solicitor – to kickstart a portfolio career and life as an entrepreneur. Joe’s now launched 3 different projects and lives a life that works for his young family.

Daisy escaped the charity sector to work in innovation – firstly launching her own innovation consultancy before joining Good Innovation to help reinvent the ways that non-profits and charities generate income.

Pippa escaped a career working in logistics to work in food and catering – first launching her own small catering business before joining a more established catering organisation to help them grow.

Nonna escaped banking to work in an Accelerator – Nonna used her skills in learning and development to launch a career in an Accelerator for insurance scale-ups.

Natasha escaped banking to work in the food industry – first launching her own subscription baking company, Bakit, before taking over a role as the Head of Food & Beverage at a national food brand.

Nicky escaped Sales to work in social impact – a career in sales left Nicky feeling unfulfilled. So she escaped her industry to join social impact organisation On Purpose.

Read more about Nicky’s journey.

Matt escaped management consultancy to work in executive coaching – Matt transitioned from full-time work to build up his own coaching practice and career.

Martica escaped social media marketing to work in sustainability– Martica sought a life more aligned with what mattered to her, so she retrained for a career in sustainability.

Rima escaped accountancy to work in community management – Rima left a career in accountancy to manage programmes for work-travel innovators Remote Year, and more recently is working on the frontlines in social innovation.

Lisa escaped life as a freelancer to become a sextech product designer – Lisa joined fellow alumni Billie’s startup Ferly as a sextech product designer, as well as launching her own sustainability network, And the Future.

Read more about Lisa’s journey.

Emma escaped her corporate marketing career to become a digital nomad – Emma launched a new career as a freelancer living in Asia, before retraining as a coach and helping other people to find a better career path.

Jamal escaped a career in finance to join the entertainment industry – Jamal felt a pull towards the world of theatre and is currently retraining to become and actor.

Claudia escaped advertising to launch a portfolio career – Claudia wasn’t happy working 9-9 on causes she wasn’t excited about. So she retrained to become a pilates teacher, as well as launching a portfolio career.

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