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Hi everyone, I am a Director of Strategy, Talent and Operations with Teach for America. I have 5 years of experience within governments and non-profits. I am looking for transitional opportunities...
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New Member
Consultancy specialising in strategy, business development, demographics and customer capability and understanding.
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New Member
I would always be happy to offer advice to people who are keen to volunteer in any country.
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New Member
Hello. I was a partner in a law firm in London for many years, specialising in criminal defence work. I took a sabbatical in 2007 and have never looked back! My path has taken several different tur...
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New Member
Hi everyone, I’m a Project Finance Associate with 4 years work experience. I’m looking for job opportunities in Venture Capital, Social Finance or Development Finance in Germany or abroad. I’d love...
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New Member
Im 29, in less than a month I'll be 30. Next day I'll be walking out of my office leaving all behind and starting a new life. After 6 years of trying to find myself through a tremendous effort an...
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New Member
One of the things I am most passionate about is showing that it can be done, that ordinary people can achieve the extraordinary, and if I can, to give opportunities or help to others who are in the...
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New Member
Hi! I have 27 years and I'm from Venezuela. I just graduated as a journalist, with experience in web and social networks. . I’m looking for job opportunities in abroad.
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New Member
I am a corporate solicitor for one of the largest companies in the world but long to set up my own company.   I have the skills, drive and passion but just not the idea!  Hoping to find a...
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New Member
UBM Conferences Marketing Director. Passion for #Events, #Content, Social, Digital, Web, Design/Branding. PT Entrepreneur, Fundraiser, Adventurer, Photojunkie. Currently developing an adventure com...
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New Member
I am an enthusiastic digital marketing and communication professional with 9 years of agency, media and client-side experience. I clearly understand how to apply tools and technology to accomplish ...
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New Member
i am an computer hard engineer. I have started a small computer sales and service shop in my home town. it was a 2 month old shop. i wish to join those who are motivated and implement differnt idea...
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